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This page was first created on the 29/05/00

The site was last
updated  29/08/00

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Welcome, my friend, welcome!

Welcome to my stone site. On it you'll find nudges for the puzzles and
riddles within the immediate, and the enigma.

You will also find useful links, info, and contacts for your journey through the
riddle of a lifetime.

Spoiler warning
I have to say that for people who like to do things the hard way, there are nudges on this site which could leave to
solving any of the puzzles really quickly. For more
information go to the nudges page.

I've changed the layout of the Frontpage of the site. This is so that the download time's shortened and also so that it is less daunting to 1st time visitors!

If you are a 1st time visitor I suggest you either go to the 'I'm lost' page or the 'stone?' page.

Right, down to business.

I suggest you read the news page, as it contains lists of
updates to the site, and some info about what's upcoming.

Also, the site may/should be changing over the next few days, it already has, as I'm having to use an old copy of the site to update, as I lost my most recent copy when my pc crashed.

Please note, I will be changing the unturned buttons to movement buttons, I just can't at the moment as my
graphics software has gone!


Please note:

I have now received a
reply from the SK's
concerning the use of their images.

They have allowed me to use certain images, so
expect updates and a
revamped site during the week.
The SK's have given me permission to use some of their images, this does not mean that now you can take their images too, this is stealing. Also, please try to refrain from taking them from this site, as the same amount of time and hardwork has gone into them.

If you would like to use the stone images, e-mail the SK's, if you would like to use my images, e-mail me.

Also, if you would like to send me the URL of your own site, I will put it up in the links section under the according section. All I ask is that in return you link to my homepage (this page).

If you visit my site then please sign my guestbook!

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Ring Of Stone
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