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Matt's 3rd Generation Camaro Page!

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Pictures Of My Camaro! 1989 Formula 350
My Dad's Iroc-Z!
Last Update: July 14th, 2003! I have started to update many areas of this site. I will be adding a few new pages to the site including details on friends rides and a mods page! I finally got around to updating my e-mail address, so feel free to e-mail me.

My 1991 RS:
That is my White 1991 RS at the top of the page. It's a LO3 V8 with a 5 speed Manual. I have a few mods planned for the car. To learn more about my car, or to look at planned mods Click HERE! She comes out of storage on March 29th, Minnesota is kinda rough on cars.
Other Friends Camaro's!
My web site seems to be expanding over time, but for a good reason. It was originally for my Camaro, but my Dad bought his 85 Iroc-Z (Pic to right), my buddy Rob bought an 89 Iroc. My other buddy Mickey picked up a 82 with a 400 SB and my Dad's buddy got a 89 Formula 350. They're all pretty sweet, I will soon have a page dedicated to each of these cars, but for now you can see a pics of some of them in my Picture Gallery!
My Dad's 85 Iroc-Z28!
This is my Dad's Cherry Iroc-Z. It was purchased last spring with 45,000 original miles on it! It has not one scratch on it and was all original when bought, never tampered with! It's one Bad Ass Ride!! As you can see, my Dad and Mooose are getting ready to go smoke some Stangs, RIGHT ON! To learn more about it, see mods and pics, clickHERE!

1989 Formula 350
Here is Mooose's Firebird. It's got a whole list of mods and only has 60K on her. To learn more click HERE!.

Questions...Comments...Pics of YOUR ride! Send them

LT1 in a Third Gen!!
I picked up an Iron Headed LT1 out of a 95 Cop Car. Hopefully It will look something like the pic when I'm all done. It's got 50,000 and I will be dropping her in my 91 RS real soon! Planned mods are: SLP Headers, Dynomax 3", TPI Fuel pump, LT4 cam conversion and tons more, espcially in the suspension department. I'll keep you posted as to how the swap is going!
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