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June 25, 2001 -deadeye-

Let's rebuild this website. If you have ANY TWINE info at all (including reviews, maps, images, walkthru's, etc.), please send them to me at and I will put it up with your name in the credits.

April 2, 2001 -deadeye-

Long time no updates! I will attempt to get a brand new Gameshark codes section up soon. In case you are new to this website, TWINE2000 used to be hosted at, but they went out of business and the entire website was lost. Before they closed TWINE2000 received hundreds and hundreds if hits each day because of the useful and interesting info, and the continuous updates of Gameshark codes because we used to have are own hacking team that worked hard every night to bring you more and better codes. Will this website be like it was in the past? I will attempt to remake this website and gather together the hacking team.

February 13, 2001-N64Wizard2-

My first update. I'm now a co webmaster so expect more stuff. I also have a Twine site which you can find at the left. I'll add lots of sections soon to here. I'll put up any custom stuff I make for Goldeneye and Twine. Hope you still visit Twine 2000 a lot.

January 27, 2001 -deadeye-

I need some ideas for a new section or special. I was thinking about making a section about the real guns of TWINE, but I'll hold off on that until I can't think of anything else. If you have any e-mail me at

January 19, 2001 -deadeye-

All of the links to the left should work now. I took the time to update them to this server. I also added a News Archive.

January 15, 2001 -deadeye-

A few screenshots added:

Last level 01
Last level 02
Last level 03

January 14, 2001 -deadeye-

Expect some more screenshots today or tomorrow.

January 13, 2001 -deadeye-

T2K should be back in business soon. As you can see, SKPN has generously promoted me to co-owner. Our original server,, was having problems, not allowing any of their customers to log-in and edit their sites. Hopefully, things will be rolling again.

December 6, 2000-6:46 PM

Multiplayer, and miscellaneous GS codes updated! Also we need more board members to sign up!!! We only have 24.

All info throughout these pages are copyright 2000, 2001.

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