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This Flag and Ribbon will fly till our POW/MIAs come home

This certificate was awarded Posthumously to 
Col. Robert A. Scherr, USMC by President Ronald Reagan


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"We sleep safe in our beds
because rough men stand
ready in the night to visit
violence on those who would
do us harm"
                    -George Orwell

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Click on photo for list of battles and duty stations

This page is dedicated to the memory of my father Col. Robert A. Scherr, USMC
October 27, 1920-April 1, 1984


The famous "Tired Marine" Cape Gloucester 1944
Then 1st Lt. Scherr in the Jeep
(Click above to go to Col. Scherr's Picture Gallery)


First Flag raising on Iwo Jima  Photo by Lou Lowery. 10AM, Feb. 23, 1945 
(Dad's favorite photo)   

Photo: USMC


Pacific War Memorial
Marine Corps Base Hawaii
Kaneohe Bay


Below are links to Col. Scherr's Major Duty Stations


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The 1st Marine Division

The 3rd Marine Division

1maw.gif (27102 bytes)

1st Marine Airwing

Staff Judge Advocate  to the Commandant of the Marine Corps 

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The Navy JAG Corps

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Special Links


Admiral Reinhard Scheer
Commander German Highs Sea Fleet

(Our Great-Great Uncle)

September 11, 2001 Memorial Site



Col. Robert A. Scherr-Arlington National Cemetery

The Scherr Family Page

The Jacques Family Page

 Admiral Reinhard von Scheer

Arlington National Cemetery Iwo Jima

Navy Memorial

Marine Corps Links

WWII Memorial

Memorial Day Tribute

Capt. John W. Consolvo, USMC (POW/MIA

Capt. Leonard M. Lee, USN (POW/MIA)

Recovered: 140799; ID: 230700

1st Lt. Everett A. McPherson, USMC (POW/MIA)

1st Lt. Brent E. Davis, USMC (POW/MIA)

Recovered: 02-12-93; ID: 02-12-97

LCDR Michael Scott Speicher, USN

KIA/BNR: 17 JAN 91; MIA: 10 JAN 01

Other Important Links

Navy Hymn (Eternal Father)

Click here to visit an excellent site on the German Navy

Flags  copyrighted by Stephen R. Scherr. © 2001-2003  Do not use without permission.


Click above to link to my POW/MIA Pages

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Tribute to the USS Cole

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Click Here to go to my Awards Page


To apply for The American Flag
 Award click on the Award


To Apply for the Tell It to the Marines Award
Click on the Award



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