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Colonel Robert A. Scherr's Duty Assignments


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October 27, 1920-April 1, 1984


1942-1943  Guadalcanal     1st Marine Div.  
Oct 9 - Dec 23, 1943 Oro Bay New Guinea
Dec 26, 1943 - April 30, 1944 Cape Gloucester, New Guinea
May 3, 1944 - November 20, 1944 Pavuvu, Russell, Island
April 1, 1945 - July 25, 1945   Okinawa Shima, Ryukyu Retto
September 1945 - August 1953  Various assignments & schools
1951-1953 Legal Officer Camp Pendleton
Aug 29, 1953 - July 24, 1954 Japan, Korea    3rd Marine Div.
July 23, 1954 - July 14, 1956   FMFPAC Camp Smith, Hi
September 1957 - May 1958  JAG School UVA
1958 - 1964  HQMC Head of DK Branch, Discipline
Judge Advocate to the Commandant of the Marine Corps 
1964 - 1965 Iwukuni, Japan; Da Nang, Vietnam    1st Marine Airwing
1965 - 1969 Office of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy: 
Chairman of Board of Review #1, Navy JAG Washington Navy Yard
1969 - April 1, 1984 US Postal Service - Asst. General Council for Transportation
April 1, 1984 Died, 39th anniversary of landing on Okinawa
April 5, 1984    Burial Full Military Honors, Arlington National Cemetery

burial.jpg (15552 bytes)

Col. Scherr receives honors, Fort Myer Chapel (Photo: USMC)


dadburial1.jpg (25553 bytes)

Col. Scherr being removed from Caisson, Riderless Horse (Photo: USMC)



"If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven's scenes;
They will find the streets are guarded
By United States Marines."

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