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"And when he goes to Heaven To St. Peter he'll tell:
Another Marine reporting, sir, I've spent my time in hell."†

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The Old Breed-1949†††††††

for Col. Robert A. Scherr, USMC
1942-5 April 1982
(Click on Pictures to enlarge)


2nd LT Quantico 1942.jpg (186591 bytes)

bobrifleq42.jpg (56099 bytes) XMAS Card.jpg (59726 bytes) c-treeguadalcanal.jpg (72317 bytes) bobgc42-1.jpg (40053 bytes)
bobgc42-2.jpg (61681 bytes)
Quantico 1942 Quantico 1942 Xmas Card
Xmas Tree
Guadalcanal '42
Guadalcanal '42

bobpipe.jpg (63224 bytes) rubberboats.jpg (38652 bytes) bobtentaus.jpg (42816 bytes) dad cape glouster.jpg (63720 bytes) APRIL1944.jpg (248916 bytes)
Australia 1943 Training 1943 Australia 1943

Cape Gloucester '44
1st Lt Scherr in Jeep

Cape Gloucester
1944 after Hill 660

7THREG orders for Okanawa 1945.jpg (277369 bytes) bobparvuvu.jpg (39344 bytes)

okinawa45.jpg (48575 bytes)

bob-otsue54.jpg (52479 bytes) bob3rd-2.jpg (38256 bytes)

Orders for Okinawa
Pavuvu, Russell Is

Pavuvu, Russell Is 1944

Capt Scherr 1945
Okinawa Shima, Ryukyu Retto

Japan 1954

3rd Marine Div
Japan 1954

bob3rdjapan.jpg (32106 bytes) bobandkids.jpg (49135 bytes) bobmap54.jpg (42106 bytes) bobvietnam65.jpg (37571 bytes) bobapril65.jpg (49100 bytes)
Japan 1954 Otsu, Japan 1954 Japan 1954 Vietnam 1965 Vietnam 1965

rasflyingboat.jpg (23152 bytes) ras.jpg (22909 bytes) bobVietnam.jpg (28423 bytes)

TheJudge.jpg (34703 bytes)

Hawaii '54-'56† Col Scherr-Official
HQMC 1964
Col Scherr
1st MAW 1964
Vietnam 1965 Chairman, Board of Review
Wash. Navy Yard (JAG) '66

DAD Entring Chapal Ft Myer.jpg (53912 bytes) Dad placed on Caisson.jpg (68174 bytes) Dad placed on Caisson-2.jpg (70691 bytes) Caisson readies to depart.jpg (59634 bytes) Marines escort Dad to Burial.jpg (44806 bytes)
Col Scherr-Ft Myer
April 5, 1984
Col Scherr being
placed on Caisson
Col Scherr being
placed on Caisson
Caisson Readies
to Depart Chapel

Marines Escort

Dad removed from Caisson.jpg (64753 bytes)

Dad Arrives at Grave.jpg (53040 bytes)

Marines stand-by for final honors.jpg (60075 bytes) a Final salute.jpg (44741 bytes) a Final Tribute.jpg (54940 bytes)

RAS-4.jpg (33733 bytes)

Riderless Horse
stands at Attention

Col Scherr arrives
at Grave

Marines stand-by
for final Honors

Rifle Team gives
Final Salute

Flag presented to
his Wife

Final resting place†
Sec 66 Arlington National Cemetery

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