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 Max Zúñiga  founder of Max Zuniga Language InstituteHola,Bienvenidos,
Most effective online method to learn SpanishTaking an online course may sound like a great idea - and it is. Learning from great  instructors, interacting with other students,improving your skills. But ,before you plunk down your hard-earned cash, though, stop and ask yourself the following: Q. How self-motivated are you - really?
Not all online instructors have the time to nudge you with e-mail reminders. Ultimately, it's up to you whether you read the course material, do your homework, participate in class discussions – or none of the above. The flexibility that makes online learning so attractive and convenient can also make it a colossal waste of cash.
Q. How computer-savvy are you?
Depending on the course you sign up for, you will be requested to participate in real-time chats, ftp homework files, logon to a secure server, or subscribe to a mailing list. If you have questions about any of the strange-sounding technologies you'll need to master, ask – but understand that it's just as impossible for your instructor to walk you through the process every time you sit down at your computer as it would be for an offline instructor to walk you to a bricks-and-mortar class each day. (In other words, once class officially starts,(in the past, you were on your own.)NOT ANYMORE.
Now we offer you a new "handholding" internet skills course for 20 US. dollars,or 30 Canadian Dollars.The course last 1 month,and you can enroll now.We accept your personal cheque or money order,Send it now,to:Max Zuniga,22615-300 Coxwell Av.Toronto,Ontario,Canada.M4L 3B6.
La gran obra del Gran Cervantes:Don Quijote,sigue siendo el foco de gran interes en esta ,mi modesta pagina,solo disculpen que tiene mas de 2 megabytes y demora en bajar cerca de 10 minutos.(esta en el enlace:free).Que disfruten.Cualquier duda o consulta,por favor no duden en comunicarse,ya sea por e-mail,netmeeting , groove o icq (748333).

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May 9,2001.
New Internet Skills Handholding Course.

You find it difficult to set up your new webcam camera,or getting an account with ICQ, don't know how to download a file from a site,etc..Relax,you are at the right place,we will help you.Please,scroll back to top and read the instructions.
March 22,2001.
Lotus Notes pioneer Ray Ozzie does it again.
What's compelling about the reggae song "Luv Me, Luv Me" from How Stella Got Her Groove Back is its addictive beat. It does just what a good groove should do: break down people's inhibitions so they can express themselves. I don't know if Lotus Notes pioneer Ray Ozzie is a reggae fan, but his latest software riff, Groove, should lead to some great jam sessions..........
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All you need to get started is the Internet Explorer Web Browser and NetMeeting conferencing software. If you don't already have them, you can download them directly from Microsoft by clicking on the logo links on the left. Then all you need to do is register to create your free private Conflab Homepage for meeting with us, and conducting private voice calls over the internet.
After this you e-mail us
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the password and name of our Free teleconference,yes, free,gratis,on us.
Start Right Now !
How ?
You can start right now . Just follow these instructions:1.You must have MS Netmeeting. 2.You must have a webcam. must have 45 minutes available.(at least once a week). 4.You have to let us know what time you will be available.

Learn for FREE! Don't pay a penny until you've tried the course once and seen that it works!(First lesson free)
. I know how it feels to be disappointed by products and services that promise a lot... but deliver little. So I'll make you this guarantee... Give Spanish 101 a try for one week, and if at any point during that time you decide that it isn't worth more than the cost of your first payment, then your money will be refunded...(less card and office processing fees) no questions asked.

The Spanish Market,are you missing it?!

A 350 million people market.
While all big corporations have embraced this (spanish) market,already ,big time,maybe you are still thinking and procastinating about it...are you?

Don't you deserve to increase your ROI.?
Don't you deserve to be able to reach these markets?
Don't You Deserve to speak Spanish correctly and be 100% sure that your pronunciation is completely right ?.

Take a moment to think what it would be like to have your own corporate board meeting all in Spanish,, and even, be able to moderate it yourself.

Picture for a moment yourself having a full command of the Spanish Language only in one year .

Just imagine enyoing a fluid conversation with a señorita or caballero ,having no fear of making a mistake .

Spanish,You can learn it!

Do you realize what you have been missing..all along? .The spanish Market.

As you know ,the Internet has given even the smallest home-business the ability to reach a huge audience: Now over 350,000,000 people are online - and hundreds of thousands more come online every day.

Every single one of those people is looking for information,ideas and new products - and many of them are prepared to pay for it - Information Products accounted for over 23% of all sales on the Internet in 2000.
But ,for this you need to reach the spanish Market
Easy and Risk-free
  • If you can speak one language,any language - then you
    can speak Spanish.

  • Simply

  • Anybody with Windows 95 or better, and Internet Explorer 4 or later,an a webcam , can enroll in our courses.

  • for free. You do not need to pay a penny until you're absolutely convinced that this is the course for you!

Our program allows you to try out the course free

Only if you like the course, and you're ready to start learning , you can register with total safety and security online. Legitimate Business ,companies and Corporations will be billed


Facts about the Spanish Language and its markets

The Spanish language ("Español", in Spanish) is spoken by 350 Million people all over the world :

  • Spain
  • Venezuela
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • Most of South America (except for Brazil)
  • U.S.
  • CentroAmerica

Details of each country's market:

  • Spain's population is 39 Million (July 1996 est.;
    Gross Domestic Product : US$ 565 billion (Purchasing Power Parity) (1995 est.;)
    GDP per capita : US$14,300 (1995 est.;)

  • Mexico's population is 98.5 Million (July 1998 est.; )
    Gross Domestic Product US$694.3 billion (1997 est. - Purchasing Power Parity;)
    GDP per capita US$7,700 (1997 est.;)

  • Argentina's population is 36.2 Million
    Gross Domestic Product US$348.2 billion (1997 est., Purchasing Power Parity)
    GDP per capita US$ 9,700 (1997 est.;)

  • Chile's population is 15.1 Million
    Gross Domestic Product US$200.1 billion - Purchasing Power Parity;
    GDP per capita US$12,500

  • Venezuela's population is 22 Million (July 1996 est.; )
    Gross Domestic Product US$ 195.5 billion (Purchasing Power Parity) (1995 est.; )
    GDP per capita US$ 9,300 (1995 est.;)
  • Peru's population is 26 Million (July 1998 est.; )
    Gross Domestic Product US$110.2 billion (1997 est. - Purchasing Power Parity)
    GDP per capita US$4,420 (1997 est.;)

  • Most of Central and South America (except for Brazil)

  • U.S. There are 35 Million Latinos living within the U.S. .

  • In 2000 over 10 million different products and services were sold over the Internet.

  • Information products accounted for over 20% of all Internet sales.

  • .

    If you're thinking about starting an Internet business,or improving your present ROI doesn't it make sense to go where the money's at?:(The Spanish Market)

  • It's true that this program ,has received some incredible testimonials from users - but the real proof is that you can try it out and see for yourself at absolutely no risk.


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