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Spanish courses currently available.

Please Note:Courses start every day of the year,starting every January 5th and ending December 20.
All paid students are given online support for life.(e-mail)
All this courses are given using teleconferencing ,so you must have a webcam setup and ready. Each teaching sesion last 45 minutes.
ST =Standard Course=one sesion twice a week.
IN =Intensive Course=one sesion every day from Monday to Friday.
TI=Total Inmersion Course.All TI courses have 4 sesions every day,2 in the morning and two in the afternoon.
On Standard courses you choose days of week and time of day.
On Intensive courses you choose time of day.

Standard Regular Courses

1.Sp101-01 ((Short free demo-three days,3 sesions of 10 minutes each)
2.Sp101.ST.2w4s :4 sesions in 2 weeks.
3.Sp101.ST.1m8s :8 sesions in 1 month.
4.Sp101.ST.2m16s:16 sesions in 2 months
5.Sp101.ST.3m24s:24 sesions in 3 months.
6.Sp101-ST.4m32s:32 sesions in 4 months.
7.Sp101-ST.5m40s:40 sesions in 5 months.
8.Sp101-ST.6m48s :48 sesions in 6 months.

Intensive Courses

9.Sp101.IN.2w10s :10 sesions in 2 weeks.
10.Sp101.IN.1m16s :16 sesions in 1 month.
11.Sp101.IN.2m40s:40 sesions in 2 months.
12.Sp101-IN.3m60s:60 sesions in 3 months.
13.Sp101-IN.4m80s:80 sesions in 4 months.
14.Sp101-IN.5m100s:100 sesions in 5 months.
15.Sp101-IN.6m120s:120 sesions in 6 months.

Total Inmersion Courses.

16.Sp101-TI-1d-4s =4 SESIONS in 1 day
17.Sp101-TI-2d-8s =8 Sesions in 2 days.
18.Sp101-TI-3d-12s =12 SESIONS in 3 days.
19.Sp101-TI-1W-20s =20 sesions in 1 week.
20.Sp101-TI-2W-40s =40 SESIONS in 2 weeks.
21.Sp101-TI-3W-60s =60 SESIONS in 3 weeks.
22.Sp101-TI-4W-80s=80 SESIONS in 4 weeks.
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