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Max's Purpose and Goals .


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Max's Courses
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Max School Overview
Max Zuniga was born in Santiago de Chile, 1941. After a happy childhood and proper basic and secondary education.went to to teachers college and after graduating,started teaching Spanish way back in 1961 .
Max received his Spanish Teaching Diploma in Santiago, Chile (Escuela Normal J.A.Núñez) in 1961.
After teaching Spanish and English in several schools, for 10 years in Chile, he came to Toronto, Canada,(July 1971)where he continued to improve and , refine his unique method,
and started "Max Zuniga Language Institute", that was focused mainly on the Spanish Language for Executives Courses,and
now is offered as Spanish 101 to the General Public

All our instructors are native diplomated teachers,with several years experience and happy to teach this beautiful language.

Max's Message

It is a great responsability,to prepare North American people to function and interact in a Spanish speaking enviroment.It is a great satisfaction to open this site to the general public,so everybody may have the opportunity to learn this beautiful language with us ,using distance education tools. 

 Mission Statement
 My main goals are:

1.To make the Spanish Language easy and fun to learn by anglosaxon (or other languages) speaking people.

2.To be a bridge for friendship between Spanish speaking people and English (or other languages) speaking people.

3.To help everyone regardless of age,race ,religion or political afiliation to learn,improve and practice the spanish language at their own pace and available time.

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