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This page is dedicated to my little furball Ramses. This little monster wanted her own page and meowed and terrorized me untill i finally gave without any further ado:

Miss. Ramses

pondering life

Meow to you all out there! Its ridiculous how long i have begged and whined to my human untill she finally decided to give me my own homepage...shouldn't we as royal beings all have a hompage?? I think there is no question about it!

Well now you are here i might as well formally introduce myself, my name is Ramses and i am 1 year young (dob: 29th May 1999). My humans got me from a relative who had 2 cats (male and female). The male one was said to be "helped" (yeah right helped my *&##@!) with daddywith mommyand the female one was scheduled for that degrading operation when they found out she was already pregnant! Lucky for me and my 2 littermates she was allowed to give birth for 1 time and as soon as we were all born and weaned properly my mom was also "helped". We all went to stay with relatives and that my friends is how it all began!!

I was taken by 2 humans who immediatly fell for my GREAT looks (can ya blame them??) me with my siblingsAnd i thought they were ok also.They had everything with them when the came to get me complete lots of toys so i thought ok lets give them a try! At first i wasn't allowed upstairs and in the bedroom..i changed that really quick so now in the mornings i wake the humans up before they go to work because otherwise they would be to late...humans sheesh!

sleeping on the couch

Then i take over the bed and sleep (they think...) untill they arrive back from work again. when they arrive back home my first duty is to cuddle them, they seem to need that after a hard days work......well what about my hard day work of taking care of those alien little sticks with fluff on both sides??

They have come into our house and are hiding in a drawer in the living room! But i have found out how they operate the drawer so i open it when my humans are not at homeme stalking an alien stck with fluff on both sides (they would be sooooo scared if they only knew that there were alien sticks in their drawer!) open the box where they came to earth in and scatter them all over the house and hunt them down, maul them and kill them completely dead!...thats hard work you see but the humans dont appriciate it...No respect i tell you!!!!

But after a hard days of chasing alien sticks with fluff and stuff i am thirsty...sooo thirstymy humans have a bowl of water always accesable for my next to the bowl of food....but do you trust those bowls? i do not, they are shiny and the water is just sitting there i do not know but i do not like the bowls. So i just drink out of the tap i just whine untill my humans get fed up and turn on the tap for a while...

btw i love the bathtub also! I dont go in the bathtub (the thought of doing that!!!!) but i protect my humans when they are in the tub from the nasty foam monsters! I attack them and growl at them that'll teach them to eat my humans alive!!!! and i always win too! After a while the foam monsters surrender into a sort of hole in the tub and my humans come out of the tub happy and cuddling me so i am there hero.

And so after we all had dinner and the humans are watching the dumb box with other humans or animals inside it, i am taking a beauty sleep to keep my kitten face.aaaaaahhhhh Now after a year of testing these humans according to the kitty protocol i think these humans have passed the criteria of being owned by a kitty so i think i'll stick around for a while and see how they cope with my growing up and going through adolescence etc will keep you all informed.
For now goodnight!

Hi its me again!! its been a while since i updated this site and mommy promised she would do the pictures this week so what do you think of my lovely appereance?? I have a favour to ask you guys!

I really want to put a kitty or other pet face with the emeowls i get so if you would like to be featured as my cyber buddy please sent my you picture with a little description along with it to me so i can pester mommy till she puts up your pics in my new cyber buddy's page!!

I hope you will all sent me lots of funny pics so we can make a really funny cyber buddy's can also emeowl me your little big adventures...i will post them together with your pictures! See ya!

If you like this page and would like to link to it on your webpage, feel free to use this picture with the link!! See ya around!!

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