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Sisters @ Heart

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You are the sister of my heart,
Not born of the same parents,
But born of the same sensibilities,
Emotions, desires, dreams.
Raised in different worlds, foreign beliefs,
But yet so much alike in thought.
Our hearts and minds draw us
Yet closer to each other.
Share with me your secrets,
your fantasies, your passions,
And I will share mine with you.
Ever trustful, confident that my secrets,
My deepest musings are forever safe,
never to be recounted.
Locked away in your mind,
Where only you and I hold the key...
The key to my soul.
We are lifelines to one another,
Clinging precariously to the thread
That protects us from the cruelties of reality.
Reach out to me, I will catch you.
I will be with you when you need me
Ever cognizant that you are my safety net,
My ballast against the storm.
How can I ever repay you, my friend?
For all the many hours you listened...
To my words, my thoughts.
You were my ally in the vestiges of war.
A place I could go to where I knew
I would be safe from reproach,
Comfortable in the warmth of your friendship.
Thank you, my friend.
~Author Unknown~

Hello & Welcome to Sisters @ Heart

This card site was created with my dear friend, Puka. We wanted to celebrate our friendship with each other and all the wonderful people we have met over the years. Puka's life has called her in another direction,
but Sisters @ Heart will continue to share our friendship with all of you.

Hopefully you can find just the right card to express your feelings to your friends.

Thank you for coming and being a part of our contribution to friendship!

Our cards have been organized to make your viewing easier. You may browse the entire site using the jumpbox below. You will also find links at the bottom of each page to help you navigate.

Thanks to all of you,
Sisters @ Heart has been a big success.
So much so, that it's bursting at the seams!
Please visit Heart 2 Heart to find a selection of
Birthday and Holiday cards.

Heart 2 Heart

If you've enjoyed this little card site, perhaps you'd like to visit me at my homepage. I would enjoy your company.

Again, thank you for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Blessings to you all!


My World

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