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Descendants of John Jacob Scherr

Main Surnames:  Scherr, Scherer, Radtke, Thiens (Theinnes, Thunnes), Barth, Mertz,  Jacques

Scherr Family Tree

Mertz Family Tree

Scherr Family Photos

The Wedding of Joan Michele Scherr &
        Nicholas James Lambis - 21 April 2001

Final Fitting of the Dress  -  17 March 2001
Bridal Showers, 18 March & 1 April 2 2001
Rehearsal at the Church & the Dinner
Photos of the Church
Getting Ready at the Morrison House
The Wedding - 21 April 200
       Including photos in the Bride's room
       before the Sacrament, the Sacrament
       of Marriage and photos in the Church
       after the wedding
 The Wedding Flowers
 The Reception at the Morrison House,
       Old  Towne Alexandria, Virginia
 The Honeymoon on the Yucatan Peninsula
 Wedding Memorabilia

World War 1 Diary of Arthur W. Scherr

Somewhere in France
        poem by A. W. Scherr, written in 1918

Freemason Lodge Information
        of A. W. Scherr

Degree Structure of the Scottish Rite

History of the Freemason Ritual

Gift from Joan - a chronicle of the Marine
        Corps Travels of Col. Robert A. Scherr
         taken  from an atlas given to him for
        Christmas 1946 by his wife Joan

Remarks by Robert A. Scherr before the
        Optimists Club of McLean, Virginia, July 1963

Steve Scherr's tribute to our Father
       Col. Robert A. Scherr, USMC

Descendants of Peter Scherer

Scherer Family Tree

Radtke Family Tree

Scherer Family Photos

Baptism Certificate for Maria Clara Scherer

A Brief Historical Timeline of the Scherer-
       Radtke Families

Marriage Certificate of Theodore P. Scherer
        & Bertha Radtke

Civil War Certificate of Service
        for Edward Scherer

  Descendants of
          Nicholas Jacques & Marie Soyer

Main Surnames:  Jacques, O'Neil, Des Rosiers, Mayotte,   Maillot, Mailhot,  Bilodeau

 Dedications of Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr.
        and Jacqueline Joanne Scherr

Nos Ancestres
, Louis Jacques -- English

Letter from the La Société Historique De
       Charlesbourg on the burial of Louis Jacques

1st Generation:
        Nicolas Jacques
& Marie Soyer

       2nd Generation:
        Louis Jacques
& Antoinette Le Roux

3rd Generation:
        Louis Jacques
& Magurerite Segin

4th Generation:
       Joseph Jacques
& Marie Groinier-Rabot

       5th Generation:
       Joseph Jacques
& Marie E. Remillard

       6th Generation:
       Joseph Jacques
& Marie Anne Turcot

7th Generation:
       Zacharie Jacques
& Claire O'Neil

8th Generation:
       Arthur F. Jacques
& Celine Des Rosiers

      9th Generation:
       Arthur F. Jacques & Maude Mayotte

10th Generation:
        Joan L. Jacques
& Robert A. Scherr

more Descendants of Nicolas Jacques & Marie Soyer:
Descendants of Pierre Jacques & Marie Ambroise Chalifour,
contributed by Gilles Jacques of Beauce, Qu

Descendants of Nicolas Jacques & Josèphe Bédard, contributed by Robert Jacques of Brossard, , Québec

Old Customs of Québec that will be forgotten, by Robert Jacques Brossard, Longueuil, Québec, October 2001

Difficulties encountered family in Genealogy research in Québec, by Robert Jacques

Histories and Memories, by Robert Jacques

Family Memories by
        Mercedes Jacques Kimling, Daphne Jacques
        Treado Hodder, Emery Edward Jacques, Jr.,
       Jacqueline Joanne Scherr, Michael Robert
       Scherr, Stephen Raoul Scherr and
       Arthur  Francis Jacques III

Jacques Family Photos

Jacques Obituaries & Tombstones

Short Narratives on the Lives of  Zacharie
       Jacques, Charles O. Olivier and  Laurent Jacques

Houses of the Jacques Family
        House of Louis Jacques, ca. 1692
           House of Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr., ca. 1940
           House of Arthur Francis Jacques, Jr., ca.  1955

                  Charles O'Neil Family

                         Links to informative sites on Irish and O'Neil
                                 (O'Neill) Genealogy and History and to sites
                                 on County Tryone


                 Edward Des Rosiers Family

                       Nos Ancestres, Antoine Desrosiers -- English

                Descendants of René Maillot & Jeanne-Catherine Berger

                     Nos Ancestres, René Maillot dit Laviolette --

    Our Descent from Louis VII of France
                & Eleanor of Aquitaine 
(with references)

       The Descent of Eleanor of Aquitaine from Charlemagne

               Descendants of Pierre  Bilodeau & Jeanne  Fleurie

                    Nos Ancestres, Pierre Billaudeau -- English

  Database - searchable by surname

             Pages dedicated to POW-MIAs, Vets & Those Still Serving

                   Major James T. Egan, Jr., USMC, MIA

                   Lt. Col. Charles James Ramsay, USMC, MIA

            Admiral Reinhard Scheer -- Family & Military Career,
           including the Battle of Skaggerak (Jutland).  Photos

            The U.S.S. Wisconsin Finds A New Home

           Links of Interest

           My Awards & Awards I give

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