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Updated:  28 December 2002
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Scherr Family Photos

The sons of John Jacob Scherr
Back Row, left to right: 
August, Anton, William, John Jacob
Front Row, left to right:  Oscar, Nicholas, Richard

Sons of John Jacob & Augusta Waidchow: Nicholas William, Oscar, & Anton
Sons of John Jacob and Maria Gesina: John Jacob, William Gerhardt, & August Henry
Nicholas Scherr was our Great-Grandfather

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aws tintype.jpg (16426 bytes)
Tintype of Arthur W. Scherr
taken ca. 1904
aw&anitascherr.jpg (29701 bytes)
Anita and Arthur with friends
in the Wisconsin Dells
AWS-waterfall.jpg (21120 bytes)
Arthur W. Scherr
ca. 1916+
aws uniform1.jpg (31883 bytes)
Arthur William Scherr
ca. 1917-1919
AWSBikeFrancebarge.jpg (100672 bytes)
Arthur biking along canal in France in 1918
AWS-Friends-France.jpg (109848 bytes)
Arthur and friends (un-named) in France 1918
awstrpsfrance.jpg (53163 bytes)
Arthur with "the Troops"
in France 1918

Wedding photo of Arthur W. Scherr and Anita Rose Johanna Scherer
30 August 1919

Wedding photo of
Arthur & Anita
Best Man: George Scherr
Maid of Honor: Marie Scherer
rassailor.jpg (45003 bytes)
Robert Arthur Scherr
Age 2 years at 18th Street, Okauchee, Wisconsin
rasoval.jpg (16796 bytes)
Robert Arthur Scherr
ca. 1924/25
raswalter.jpg (34011 bytes)
Robert Arthur Scherr getting autograph of Yankee baseball player Walter Johnson - 1928 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
wedding1942.jpg (16214 bytes)
Wedding photo of Robert A. Scherr and Joan Lorraine Jacques - 10 October 1942
ras-capt.jpg (29660 bytes)

Capt. Robert A. Scherr, USMC
Taken 1944 probably in Milwaukee before Okinawa
1st Div patch on left sleeve, medals Presidential unit citation from Guadalcanal, 2-3 campaign ribbons


mothersday1944.jpg (62978 bytes)
The back of this photo reads: 
"Mothers Day, May 14, 1944"
Left to Right: Anita Scherr,
Rose Schweda Scherr
and Joan Jacques Scherr
Rose, our g-grandmother, was the wife of Nicholas W. Scherr
Joan & Bob 1983.jpg (52792 bytes)
Bob and Joan Scherr, summer 1983
thekids.jpg (23618 bytes)
The Scherr Kids
Thanksgiving 1987
wedding of the millenium.jpg (11273 bytes)
Steve Scherr & Linda Lippold
10 October 1992

This moose is for my mother, Joan, who loves mooses.
jac-renee.jpg (36839 bytes)
Jacquie & Renée with Jacquie's new car at Villanova University May 2000
MRS Family.jpg (26943 bytes)
Michael R. Scherr & family left to right Mike, Kristin, David, Renée, and Marliese 14 May 2000 at graduation of Renée from Villanova University
Kristinrenee.jpg (17232 bytes)

Renée and her sister Kristin on 12 May 2000 day of Renée's commissioning in the U.S. Navy at Villanova Ensign Lt. JG
ShellyProm.jpg (39296 bytes)
Shelly on Prom Night 1990
ShellyHSGrad.jpg (15551 bytes)
Shelly graduation from
Robinson High School
Fairfax, Virginia
June 12, 1990
shelly-nick.jpg (20242 bytes)
Shelly and her fiancé Nick, April 2000
jac2000.jpg (28193 bytes)
Jacquie 12 May 2000
joan-boys.jpg (26251 bytes)
Joan and her boys,
In back, left to right: Steve and Mike
in front Mi-Ott and Ram (lying down)
Kristin & Duane.jpg (34685 bytes)
Kristin and Duane, July 2000
David mountain.jpg (34072 bytes)
David at Boy Scout Camp
May 1998
davidfinisher.jpg (29876 bytes)
David finishing
the Marine Corps Marathon
Washington, D.C.
October 1999
shellygolfing.jpg (36749 bytes)
Shelly playing miniature golf in Pt. Pleasant, NJ
August 1999
shellygolfing2.jpg (26948 bytes)
Shelly golfing in
Pt. Pleasant, NJ
August 1999

ReneewithMini.jpg (31525 bytes)
Renee with a miniature horse somewhere in the vicinity of Pensacola, Fall 2000
2000 mara25miles.jpg (99538 bytes)
David running in the 
Marine Corps Marathon
October 2000

Joan, Jacquie & Shelly
photo by
Joanne Menhennick the day before the wedding
20 April 2001

The Wedding
21 April 2001

Kristin & David at the reception

Kristin, Shelly & Renée

Shelly & Nick
Wedded bliss
Shelly & Nick fixing dinner
May 2001
Click here for more wedding photos & the Honeymoon
David in ranks
his sister Kristin viewing
David at USNA
Parents Weekend
Summer 2001

David with his Mom & Dad (Marliese & Mike)

In ranks

At overlook USNA

David in the window

Renée Flying


Marliese and Renée

Renée at Whiting Field


Christmas 2001 at Shelly & Nick's in Gainesville



Renee, Shelly & Jacquie

Steve & Linda

Renee, David,
Kristin, Duane & Mike

Marliese, Steve & Linda

Shelly & Nick

Joan & Mike
Happy 79th Birthday on
17 April 2002 for Joan, our Mother, who passed away
18 May 2002

Joan & her brother Raoul



Jes, Renee & Rick
Renee in Guam 2002
Renee at Sella Bay

David arriving
for start of
from USNA
 Marine Corps Marathon 2002

David after the Marathon

Mike, David & Marliese


  Shelly & Nick's New Daughter
Sofia Lorraine
Born December 4, 2002



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Scherer Family

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Mayotte Families

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