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Updated: 14 September 2001

Scherer Family Photos

Wedding photo
Mathias Scherer & Anna Johanna Gaulke
 6 March 1871

Theodore P. Scherer

Wedding Photo of
Theodore P. Scherer & Bertha Radtke
19 February 1899
Certificate of Marriage

Back Row:  Robert Scherer, Louisa Scherer, Theodore Scherer
Middle Row:  Mathius Scherer & Johanna Gaulke Scherer
Front Row:  Henry Scherer
Taken about 1900


Mathius Scherer & Nicholas Barth Families - about 1900
In back by himself: Henry Scherer
Back Row:  Theodore Scherer, Bertha Radtke Scherer,
Robert Scherer, Anna
Haberer Scherer
Middle Row: Mathius Scherer, a daughter of Nicholas Barth(?), Anna(?) Hertziger, Louisa Scherer, daughter of Nicholas Barth(?), daughter of Nicholas Barth(?), daughter of Nicholas Barth(?), possibly mother of Johanna Gaulke. Johanna Gaulke Scherer, possibly Carl Gaulke, father of Johanna
Front:  Possibly Nicholas Barth (1st wife died in 1899) - he had 4 daughters
Photocopies received from Betty Petzko

Anita Rose Johanna Scherer
born 13 January 1900

Anita and her sisters, Marie Clara & Viola
ca. 1904

Viola, Marie Clara & Anita

This photo was in a carton of photos that came
from Arthur William Scherr, husband of  Anita Scherer.
This farm was owned by Anita Scherer's grandfather Mathius
in Mequon, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. 
The farm fronted on the Milwaukee River.
The photo was taken between 1916 and 1919.

Wedding Photo
Robert Scherer & Anna Haberer, date unknown
barn2.jpg (60081 bytes)
Arthur W. Scherr
on far right in
football uniform,
the rest are unknown.
Farm Horse.jpg (32233 bytes)
Arthur W. Scherr - far right, the rest are unknown.  Photo taken at the farm of Mathius Scherer (Anita's grandfather) in Mequon, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, prior to 1922.
         Scherr wedding2.jpg (47335 bytes)

Wedding of Anita Scherer and Arthur W. Scherr
30 August 1919, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Best Man: George Scherr
Maid of Honor: Marie Scherer

The photos below are of Robert Arthur Scherr with his grandmother, Bertha Radtke Scherer (her husband was Theodore P. Scherer).  Bertha was known as Amma; his mother Anita, and his Aunt Annie.
bertha-bob1.jpg (82814 bytes)

With Amma 1924 at 18 Street in Okauchee, Wisconsin.

bertha-bob-anita.jpg (50982 bytes)

After first short haircut with Amma and his mother. 1924 at Lake Denoon, WI

bob-bertha.jpg (53392 bytes)

With Amma at Lake Denoon, Wisconsin - 1924.

bertha-bob-anna.jpg (68627 bytes)

Photo taken in 1924 with Amma and Aunt Annie at South Shore Park, Wisconsin

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