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The Villa of Admiral Reinhard Scheer
Weimar, Germany
This where Reinhard Scheer & his family were living in 1920
scheer-villa.jpg (137914 bytes)          Admiralshouseweimar-a.jpg (70361 bytes)
scheer-villawindow.jpg (80609 bytes)




                scheer-villadoor.jpg (98913 bytes)
The door where the intruder entered.  The housemaid apparently been cleaning carpets in the backyard and left the door open.  Afterwards, the door handle was removed and so it remains today.

flemming-cupboard-a.jpg (46327 bytes)
A cupboard from the villa of the Admiral, now owned by members of his family
flemming-hole-a.jpg (37672 bytes)
Close up of bullet hole left in cupboard from the attack on the Scheer family in 1920
The three black & white photographs were found in a book entitled Villen in Weimar (2), by Christine Weber, photographs by Maik Schuck.  The book was published in 1997 by Arnstadt & Weimar

The color photo of the house as it is today courtesy of Thomas Haas.
The photos of the cupboard courtesy of Philipp Flemming



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