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Radtke Family
The Descendants of Johann Radtke & Christine Manitz

John (Johann) RADTKE, born in Germany; married to
Christine MANITZ

         Child of Johann Radtke & Christine Manitz:

     August RADTKE, born 27 May 1841 (Germany); died 17 July
     1900, buried in Union Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin in family
     plot.  August's parents were John Radtke and Christine MANITZ. 
     Married Dorothea BECKER (BAKER) born 1851; died 1880. 
     Witnesses to marriage: Augusta Radtke and Sophia Becker.
     Dorothea was the daughter of Christian BECKER and Sophia

AugustRadtkewedding.jpg (61161 bytes)
Note on back of photo:
Mr. & Mrs. August [Dorothea Becker] Radtke,
"Amma's [Bertha] Mom & Dad"
Photo in possession of Betty Petzko

2nd wife Linna (Lena) CLAUS; born 1856; married 10 November 1881; died 1928; buried in Union Cemetery in Radtke plot.  Her father was Gustav Claus (mother's name unknown).

GrandmaRadtke.jpg (11309 bytes)
"Grandma Radtke"
Per Betty Petzko this is most likely August Radtke's second wife Linna (Lena)

       Children of August Radtke and Dorothea BECKER:

   Otto, born 1879; died 1932.  No information on him.

   Anna, born 10 February1873; married Nicolas BARTH, Jr.

   Minnie, born circa 1874; 1st marriage Richard NORWIG;
   2 known children - Baby born 1900 - assumed this baby
   died as an infant; and Norma married to Eric Dallmann.
   They had Richard, Eric, Jr. (aka Sam) and Jane.
   2nd marriage Richard ??

OttoRadtke.jpg (23448 bytes)
Otto Radtke

3RadtkeGirls.jpg (18983 bytes)
3 Radtke sisters, left to right:
Bertha, age 16, Anna, age 18 & Minnie, age 17


Minnie&RobertNorwig.jpg (142964 bytes)
Minnie Radtke & Robert Norwig
Wedding Photo

    Bertha Helena Louise, born 1875; married 18 February 1899 to
    Theodore P. Scherer (born 1876 - Mequon; died 13 June 1903 - see
    Scherer family tree). She had 3 sisters, 1 brother and 3 half-sisters

BerthaRadtke.jpg (26997 bytes)
Bertha Radtke, age 18

    Emma, born 14 May 1878 (Milwaukee); died September 1939
    (Canada); 17 March 1898 married Anton Dorscheid, born 1876, died
    1939.  Emma went to live with her grandmother in Cashton,
    Wisconsin, upon the death of her mother.  She lived in Cashton from
    1880 to 1907.  She moved to Bingham Lake, Minnesota, in 1907, and
    in 1919 moved to Canada.  

Children of Emma Radtke and Anton Dorscheid (they have many descendants but information is vague):

Sylvira Dorothy, born 15 February 1899 in Cashton, Wisconsin; died 16 March 1992 in Grande Praire, Alberta, Canada.  1st marriage Herman Kimble 2 October 1916; 2nd marriage Mr. Reinhart Ladwig on 10 November 1951.  She moved to Minnesota in 1907, and Canada in 1919.  

Children of Sylvira Dorscheid and Herman Kimble:

Violet Emma, married Alfred Wales

Elaine, married Tom Osborne

Herbert Wayne, born 1920; married Jean McLaughlin.  They had 4 boys

Herman Lane, born 1920; died 1989; married Louise Robideau, they had 5 children

Robert Arthur, born 1924; 1st marriage Stella Norton; 2nd marriage Alice.

Children of Robert Kimble and Stella:

Joyce, born 1950, married to Mclandress.  They had Lee, born 1960; DJ born 1970; Kim, born 1979.

Gerald, born 1946; had 3 children

Ron, born 1948; had 3 children

Gene, born 1951; had 3 children

Ellsworth Anton, married Mildred Birnie-Brown

Arthur Leroy, married Rosie Toews

Baby Dorscheid

John Eugene, married Bernice Ames

Charles William, married Luella Parish

Earl Lee, married Velma Parrish


Children of August Radtke and Linna CLAUS:

     Clara, born 1882 in Milwaukee, remained single; died
     1958 in Milwaukee

     Alma, born 1884; died 1884; buried in Union Cemetery in
     the Radtke plot.

     Ella (Elvira), born 1886; married Ralph Schmidt.  They
     had 2 known children: Helen, born 1923, died 1923; Ruth
     - no information about her.

     Jane (a.k.a Jennie, as shown on gravestone), born 1888;
     remained single; died 1918

7RadtkeSisters.jpg (20640 bytes)
7 Radtke sisters left to right: Jane, Annie, Emma, Bertha, Minnie, Clara & Ella
Clara, Ella & Jane from 2nd marriage


Note:  All photos on this page are courtesy of Betty Petzko (my father's first cousin)



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