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Updated:  24 September 2002


Links of Interest




Listed below are links to sites that I found interesting and helpful during my search for information related to my family history.

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Genealogy-related sites

This is an excellent site for genealogy research for family connections in Houghton County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  You will find French-Canadian, Cornish, Finnish roots here, among others.  There are cemetery listings and transcriptions, obituary collections, a connection to the GenWeb projects and many other items and links.


Obernkirchen, Hannover, Germany.
This is the site of Frank Ackemann.  I discovered it while doing research on Vice Admiral Reinhard von Scheer.  There are excellent pictures of interesting things to see in Obernkirchen, Germany, including the house, now museum, where Reinhard von Scheer was born in 1863.

Excellent site for German American genealogy

The SurnameWeb

Find Your

Ohio River Valley Families Link






U.S. Marine Corps Links 

Tribute to Col. Robert A. Scherr
This site is maintained by Stephen R. Scherr as a tribute to his father and the United States Marine Corps.  Also links to other USMC -related sites.

Photo Gallery of Steve Scherr
Pictures of the career of Robert A. Scherr, USMC


Scuttlebutt & Small Chow "A Salty Old Harbor of Marine Corps History"
The Skipper here has done  a really terrific job on this  site about the U.S. Marine Corps.  Very much worth the visit!

3rd Reconnaissance Battalion Association RVN,    
3rd Marine Division
Excellent site with any info you might want on the history and current activities of the 3rd Recon, including stories, poems, and gallery of pictures


3/123/12 Network - Visit Tom Tilque's site dedicated to the 3/12



Dale Summers' terrific site for the VMA (VW) 242 DT Batmen
The Marine All Weather Attack Squadron

POW-MIA-related sites     

Visit the following POW-MIA sites.  I have found them to be really excellent for information and links
Join this group and help keep government aware!
Advocacy and Intelligence Index for POW-MIAs Archives

The P.O.W. Network -
Information on POW-MIAs since 1989 

Click on banner to visit Bear's terrific site dedicated to all veterans

Other Military-related sites

    Karin & Hartmut Günther
This is the U-boat and German Navy site of my friends in Germany.  They belong to a large U-boat webring.   Their site is fun and interesting and on their second site there is a section devoted to the Scherr family and Admiral Reinhart von Scheer.

A page that is part of Karin & Hartmut's homepage.  This page is dedicated to saving and preserving U-995

An excellent site with lots of interesting things to check out.  Plan to spend some time.


World War I Links

Wisconsin Military History
A large portion of this site is concerned with the history of the 32nd Division (Red Arrow), Wisconsin National Guard.  

        Direct link to the pages on the 32nd Division - excellent site with lots of photos and information.

 Doughboy Center  
This site has extensive information on the American soldiers who fought with the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe. The site is very well done - be prepared to spend some time here, it's very interesting and there is a lot of great information. (The streaming banner above was made by Tony Langley of Antwerp, Belgium, and used with permission from the Doughboy Center)


This site is wonderful for horse lovers and for those interested in things to do with WWI. The bags the horses are wearing are actually gas masks for horses - visit the site and learn more interesting things about the WWI horse.  This banner is used with permission from the WWI Horse site, & made by Historical Graphics on the Web


A site about the Pour le Merite Order.  
A history of the order, the medal, and the individuals who have received this honor, including Admiral Reinhard von Scheer of the German Navy.  A really well done site, with great information.
"Over three hundred years ago, in the Germanic principality of Brandenburg, the Ordre de la Generosité was founded by the electoral prince, Friedrich Wilhelm. This was a secular military and civil order that was created for the purpose of rewarding loyal subjects for their outstanding service. The Ordre de la Generosité was not the first of the Prussian orders to be created. An earlier one, Order of the Swan, had been created in 1443, but did not survive very long. Unlike the Order of the Swan, the Ordre de la Generosité would grow with it's homeland which was the regions of Brandenburg and Prussia."  The photograph came from the site and was supplied by Mark Silbermann


A German site (written in German), about WW1, including photos and information about the German military and the war fronts.  A very good site.  There are various sites on the Internet that can translate the German to English ( has a very good translator:


A very good site for information and photos 
on the Kriegsmarine and other interesting subjects, in English.  (This not an official site of the German navy.)


This is a very good site, in German, with information about the Battle of Skagerrak (Jutland) and Admiral Reinhard Scheer, as well as other items of interest on Germany.  For translations: ) 

 Imperial War Museum   
"The multi-branch national museum of the history of war  and wartime life from 1914"


This site has a really great WWI image archive

A very fine WW 1 site with information and photos


R.M.S. Baltic-related sites        
This is the ship, built by Harland and Wolff, owned by the White Star Line, that took our grandfather to France in 1918                            

 R.M.S. Republic
This site is dedicated to the R.M.S. Republic.  A ship of  the White Star Line that foundered off Nantucket Island in 1909 after a collision with another ship.  The Baltic was instrumental in the rescue of the passengers.  The Republic was carrying wealthy  passengers, provisions for the U.S. Navy, and a large U.S. Navy payroll.  Well worth the time spent here.

The Great Ocean Liners
Excellent site on many, if not all, the old '''Queens" of the sea, including the Baltic

    Harland and Wolff
Builders of the R.M.S. Baltic, R.M.S. Republic, and of course the R.M.S. Titanic, among many others.



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