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Updated: 20 April 2002

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Gift from Joan to Bob
December 26, 1946


Rand McNally World Atlas

Page 18    The World
Page 190    Oceana

June 29-30, 1942: Milwaukee to Quantico, Virginia
October 9, 1942: Joan arrives Quantico, Virginia
10 October 1942: Joan and Bob married White Chapel,  Marine Base Quantico, Virginia
Whitechapel.jpg (58457 bytes) wedding1942.jpg (16214 bytes)
October 23-24, 1942: Quantico to Milwaukee, Joan & Bob B&O R.R.
October 26-29, 1942: Milwaukee to San Francisco via U.P. R.R.
November 7-10, 1942: Joan's return, same route
November 10-26, 1942: SFO to Noumea onboard SS Hawaiian Merchant
December 5-7, 1942: Noumea to Guadalcanal onboard USS President Adams
December 8, 1942 - January 4, 1943: Guadalcanal             
Bob's Christmas Tree on Guadalcanal, December 1942 c-treeguadalcanal.jpg (64379 bytes)
cmascardfr.jpg (59726 bytes)                   cmascardin.jpg (84647 bytes)
Merry Christmas from Guadalcanal
December 1942


January 5-14, 1943: Guadalcanal to Melbourne onboard USS President Adams
January 15-September 27, 1943:


bobpipe.jpg (63224 bytes) bobcaraus.jpg (41376 bytes)
rubberboats.jpg (38652 bytes)
"Co." C rubber boat training
July 1943
Melbourne to Oro Bay, New Guinea, onboard SS Whitiaker
October 9-December 23, 1943: Oro Bay, New Guinea
December 24-26, 1943:
Oro Bay, New Guinea, to Cape Gloucester


Christmas Tree  1943c-treeguadalcanal2.jpg (43118 bytes)
December 26, 1943-April 30, 1944:

Cape Gloucester, New Britain    

bobCapeGlos.jpg (62358 bytes)
May 1-3, 1944: Cape Gloucester to Pavuvu, Russell Islands
May 3-November 20, 1944: Pavuvu
bobparvuvu.jpg (39344 bytes)
November 20-23, 1944:
Pavuvu, Russell Islands, Noumea, New Hebrides, Funafuti, Ellice Island, Danton, Phoenix Island, Palmyra Island, Pearl Harbor, San Francisco
November 23-27, 1944:
San Francisco, Ogden, Olathe, Omaha, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago via air
Leave:  Jacquie bobjoanreunion44.jpg (49523 bytes) Reunion December 1944
December 28, 1944-January 5, 1945:
Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Houston, El Centro, San Francisco via air
January 6-18, 1945:
San Francisco, Pearl Harbor, Johnson Island, Majuro, Tarawa, Pavuvu
January 18-February 25, 1945: Pavuvu
As 7th Regiment Adjutant receiving orders for invasion of Okinawa in 1945
ordersokinawa.jpg (277369 bytes)
February 25-April 1, 1945: Pavuvu to Okinawa
March 21-27, 1945: Ulithi anchorage with US Fleet (largest in history?)

April 1- July 25, 1945: Okinawa Shima, Ryukyu Retto

okinawa45.jpg (73049 bytes)
On back of photo:
Okinawa Shima Nansei Shoto
Left to Right:
1st Lt. Russell Wilkinson -  Intelligence O.
Captain Rob Scherr - Adjutant
Major Walter Holomon - Operations O.
Lt. Col. J.M. Masters - Executive O.
Co. E.W. Snedemer -  Commanding O.
Major Joe R. Hobbs - Supply O.
Captain Henry P. Stetina - Communications O.
Dr. S.J. Hagen - Reg't Surgeon
1st Lt. M.J. Cavanaugh - Come't H&S Co.
7th Marines Staff
1st Marine Division
15 April 1945


July 25, 1945: Okinawa to Guam via air
July 25-August 3, 1945: Guam to Pearl Harbor
August 4-11, 1945: Pearl Harbor to San Diego
August 14-16, 1945: San Diego to Milwaukee via SFe. R.R.
September 21-22, 1945: Milwaukee to Washington, D.C. via R.R.
September 22, 1945-August 14, 1953 - Washington, D.C., attending George Washington University Law School;  prepared cases for the Japanese war crimes trials.
August 16, 1946, Bob, Joan & Jac: July 7, 1947 Bob; and November 4, 1947, Joan & Jac - D. C. to Milwaukee via air
September 3, 1946 & July 20, 1947 & November 30, 1947: Milwaukee to D.C. via air
December 21, 1947-January 1, 1948:
Washington, D.C. to Montgomery, Alabama; Joan & Jac by air
December 22, 1947- January 1, 1948:
Washington, D.C. to Montgomery, Alabama; Bob via B-25 return via bus from Newport News
May 13-June 2, 1950: Washington, D.C. to Milwaukee; Bob, Joan, Jac & Mike
June 14-16, 1952: Washington, D.C., to Camp Lejeune and return; Joan and Bob
July 8-10, 1952: Washington, D.C. to Milwaukee; Joan, Bob, Jac & Mike
July 24-August 2, 1952: Milwaukee to San Diego; Bob drive
August 14, 1952: Milwaukee to San Diego - UAL - Joan, Jac, Mike
1st MARDIV Camp Pendleton, California
August 14-16, 1953: San Diego to Milwaukee: Joan, Jac, Mike - SFe. R.R.
August 14-29, 1953: San Diego to Yokuska, Japan, aboard USS Mt. McKinley
August  29, 1958- July 24, 1954: 3rd MARDIV Japan, and Korea
  bob3rd-2.jpg (38256 bytes)

bobandkids.jpg (49135 bytes)

bob-otsue54.jpg (52479 bytes)
Above photos:  Bob in front of 3rd Marine Division Headquarters 1953 or 1954; Bob with Japanese children outside train station Otsu - March 1954; Bob in Otsu 3 March 1954.
June 25-28, 1954: Yokuska, Midway, Pearl, SFO via MATS
July 9-19, 1954: 
Milwaukee to San Francisco; Joan, Bob, Jac, Mike, Steve via SFe R.R.
Scherrs Hawaii.jpg (78284 bytes)

July 22-23, 1954:
SFO to Pearl Harbor with Joan, Jac, Mike, Steve via MARS air craft



bob-bar.jpg (50632 bytes)

Judges chambers, Federal Court Bldg. Honolulu, T.H.. 
20 December 1955
Left to Right:
Major Ted H. Collins, USMC
Judge Frank McLaughlin, U.S. District Court for the Territory of Hawai'i
Cmdr Ashton Miller, U.S. Navy, attached to 14th Naval District legal office
Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Scherr, USMC
Picture taken following admission to the Bar of the U.S. District Court for the Territory of Hawai'i

March 1-3, 1955: Pearl Harbor to Hawai'i - Volcano Eruption
August 1955:
Pearl Harbor to Kauai'i onboard a USN LST with Joan, Jac, Mike (no Steve)
May 23-27, 1956: Pearl Harbor to Kwadjelain, Marshall Islands - Bob
July 14-23, 1956:
Pearl Harbor to San Francisco by ship - Joan, Bob, Jac, Mike, Steve
July 24, 1956: San Francisco to Milwaukee, Joan, Bob, Jac, Mike, Steve
August 16-18, 1956: Milwaukee to Washington, D.C. - Joan, Bob, Jac, Mike, Steve
[Duty Washington, D.C.??]
August 10, 1957: Fairfax, Virginia, to Charlottesville 
September 1957 to May 1958: Attend University of Virginia, Army JAG School
December 1-8, 1957: Charlottesville to San Francisco, Bob
December 15, 1958: To Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Last entry December 1958 when given to Mike
1964-1965: First Marine Air Wing, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force, Iwakuni, Japan; Da Nang, Vietnam
bobvietnam65.jpg (37571 bytes) bobapril65.jpg (49100 bytes)
CPX (Command Post Exercise) 7 April 1965 - Bob: 1st photo with gas mask, pistol belt, pistol, canteen under coat - and - big glasses - before cap was stolen - It was cold out there. 
2nd photo: same date - someone had stolen my cap - I stole back and got the short end of the deal.

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