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Scherer-Radtke Family

A Brief Historical Timeline

By Betty Petzko

1720 Prussia annexes part of Pomerania
1810  Christian Scherer was born. It is believed in Pomerania
1814 Conclusion of War of 1812 in this country, ending British and French domination

Prussia annexes balance of Pomerania

Prussia and German nationalism renewed

Pomerania now part of German Federation
(after WWII it becomes part of Poland)


Erie Canal now completed


In this country, only 3000 whites lived west of Lake Michigan


Indians pulled out and sold land that is now Wisconsin to the United States

Surveyors laid out townships and ranges in Wisconsin territory

1835 First steam boat arrived in Milwaukee

The area west of Lake Michigan separated from the state of Michigan and formed into the Wisconsin Territory.

1838  Wigwams seen around Milwaukee until this year. Travelers took Erie Canal boats as far as Buffalo, then by wagon or boat to Detroit or through the Great Lakes to the Milwaukee area. Milwaukee and Mequon originally part of Brown County, then it was part of Washington County.
1839  A group of Pomeranians left Hamburg, Germany, sailed to the east coast of England, took wagons across England, and finally 5 ships to New York and up the Hudson River. Some stayed in Buffalo. Those that still had money moved west. Some went to St. Louis. About 500 to 800 went on to Milwaukee, and some to the Freistadt area in what is now Ozaukee County.
  NOTE: It is believed that Christian Scherer was in this group, but no verification has been found to found to date. He did not settle in the Freistadt area. He settled east of that area in what is now Mequon. Subsequent information indicates that both Christian and Claudius Scherer came Saar, Germany. The Saar Basin is considerably east of Pomerania. The Saar Basin is just west of Luxembourg, where the Saar River is located.

Christian Scherer bought 80 acres from the United States for $100.00. At that time the population of the then Washington County was believed to be 343, not counting Indians. Over 2/3 of that population was under 30 years of age.

Wisconsin declared a state


About this time Claudius Scherer also bought land from the United States. It is suspected that the Claudius Scherer family, and a group of Scherers in what is now Washington County were related, but that has not been established. The Christian Scherer family was principally Lutheran. The Claudius Scherer family was principally Catholic, and the Washington County Scherers were Lutheran.


August Radtke was born someplace in Germany.
Pinpointing the place of birth in Germany has not been possible. He came to Milwaukee sometime before 1868.


By this time, Washington County's population grew to 19,485.  Over 1/2 of the population were German. There were only 38 native born included in that figure. Milwaukee's population was 31,077, of which 32% were German. 12,455 of those were native born.

1853 Ozaukee County was created.

Civil War. Wisconsin's 6th Regiment was principally German and Irish.

1867 Christian Scherer sold his 80 acres to his son Edward.
1900 August Radtke died. By that time, his only son Otto was in Colorado mining. His daughter Emma and her husband were in Northern Wisconsin. Later Emma and family moved to Minnesota and eventually homesteaded in Canada. The balance of his family remained in the Milwaukee area.

Pomerania given to Poland after WWII.

1991 The Scherer-Radtke family is spread all over this country, in Canada, and most likely in Germany and Poland.


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