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Major James Thomas Egan, USMC

Updated: 19 April 2002


Welcome Home Col. Ramsay!
Returned 1 January 1998
Identified 19 July 2001
The findings were accepted by his family



Lt. Colonel Charles James Ramsey, USMC
Missing in Action 21 January 1968


Name:  Charles James Ramsay
Rank/Branch:  03/US Marine Corps
Unit:  HQ/HQ Battalion, 3rd Marine Division
Date of Birth:  08 August 1932
Home City of Record:  Newark, NJ
Loss Date:  21 January 1968
Country of Loss:  North Vietnam
Loss Coordinates:  170013N 1070543E (YD230810)
Status (in 1973):  Missing in Action
Category:  4
Acft/Vehicle/Ground:  01D
Refno:  1001

Source:  Compiled from one or more of the following:  raw data from U.S. Government agency sources, correspondence with POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews.  Updated by the P.O.W. NETWORK in 1998.  

Other Personnel In Incident:  William A. Kimsey (missing)
No longer missing, William (Butch) Arthur Kimsey has also been returned and identified. These findings were accepted by his family - he is now home.

Welcome Home Butch



SYNOPSIS:  On January 21, 1968, an 01D aircraft (tail #57-2930) from "Catkillers" (220th Recon Aviation Company) departed the Hue/Phu Bai airfield on a combat support mission (the Marines describe the mission as an "NGF mission over North Vietnam") over the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).  The crew of the aircraft consisted of U.S. Army WO1 William A. Kimsey, Jr., pilot; and U.S. Marine Capt. Charles J. Ramsay, aerial observer.

  01d.jpg (25185 bytes)
01D - Bird Dog

The aircraft was directing Naval gunfire on an active anti-aircraft site when radio contact was lost.  Just prior to radio failure, WO Kimsey reported that their aircraft had been hit.  A Forward Air Controller (FAC) on station conducted a search for several hours without locating the crash site or making contact with the crew.  

Defense Department records list a slight variance in latitude and longitude location of loss for Kimsey and Ramsay, but the U.S. Army confirms that both men were last known to be at grid coordinates YD230810, and that there is no reason to suspect either of the crew bailed out. 

(these maps courtesy of Task Force Omega

Bill Kimsey had been 21 for two weeks when his 01D aircraft was shot down just into North Vietnam near the DMZ.  Ramsay was an "old man" of 35.  There has been no further word of him or of Charles Ramsay.

Although there is no substantive information on the crew of the 01D, evidence continues to mount that some Americans are still held prisoner of war.  There are nearly 2500 Americans who did not return from Southeast Asia at the end of the war.  Some were known to have been taken prisoner.  Most can be accounted for by the communist governments of the region. 

The Vietnamese have continually raised the issue of accountability in the context of aid and/or diplomatic and trade relations, but the U.S. Government has been reluctant to negotiate on this basis, preferring instead to maintain a strict "humanitarian" level of discussion, which has resulted in the return of few remains, but no American prisoners of war.

Our American soldiers go to war prepared to be wounded, taken prisoner, even prepared to die.  They do not go prepared to be abandoned.  If there is even ONE American alive, we must do everything possible to bring him home.


The New Jersey Vietnam Memorial
Photo on right shows the names of Charles J. Ramsay and James T. Egan, Jr. , two of the Marines from New Jersey who have never come home
click on thumbnails to view larger
click here to take a virtual tour of the New Jersey Vietnam Memorial

NASA Photo - Missing Man Formation (3rd Man Out)
at Challenger Memorial Ceremony

Ramsay, Charles J
Service:  US Marine Corps
Rank:  03Status:  XX - Presumptive Finding of Death
Home of Record:  Newark, NJ
Country of Loss:  North Vietnam
Vehicle Type:  01D

Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
Personnel Missing -- Southeast Asia
(PMSEA Database)

Charles James Ramsay

Ltc - 05 - Marine Corps - Regular
46 year old Married, Caucasian, Male
Born on 08 Jun 08, 1932
His tour of duty began on Jan 21, 1968
Casualty was on Jun 20, 1978
Hostile, died while missing
Body was not recovered
Panel 35E -- Line 008


This graphic courtesy of the Consolvo Family



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Major James Thomas Egan, USMC


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