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Updated:  15 April 2007 
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In Loving Memory
Joan Lorraine Jacques Scherr

17 April 1923
18 May 2002
Robert Arthur Scherr

27 Oct 1920
1 April 1984


Sofia Lorraine
4 December 2002
5lbs, 11oz, 18 inches
Sofia is the 
Great-Granddaughter of
Robert Arthur and
Joan Jacques Scherr

Nicholas Dimetri
29 January 2006
4 lbs, 14 oz., 18 inches
Great-Grandson of
Robert Arthur and
Joan Jacques Scherr


Sofia & Niko - April 2007


Jacques "Clan" Coats of Arms

Scroll down for two searchable databases for
the surnames on this site, but be sure to visit the other,
very interesting sections of the site on your way

The Genealogy of Jacques & Related Families
including The Mayotte (Maillot, Mailhot) Family
of Dickinson County, Michigan

*An index of pages in this Genealogy follows the narrative*
Please take your time & enjoy yourself while visiting, these pages were put together with much love and effort from the contributors.
New items are added periodically,
please come back again and again!

The founder of our family in Canada was Louis Jacques. He was born at St-Michel d’Amiens, Somme, Province of Picardie, France, 23 April 1664 and baptized 24 April 1664. He was the son of Nicolas JACQUES (born 1627, Franleu, France, died 1 May 1681 at St-Michel d’Amiens) [Franleu is near Moyenneville, in the area of Abbeville sur la Somme, Picardie]; and Marie SOYER (born abt. 1622 in Picardie, France; died 5 September 1676, at St-Michel d’Amiens. Marie was the daughter of Michel SOYER and Marie DuMONSTIER. Nicolas and Marie were married 27 May 1647, at St-Michel d’Amiens. (Please read the included (link below) story of Louis Jacques written by François Jacques, priest, published in Nos Ancestres. This gives very interesting information about Nicolas and Marie as well Louis.)

Scenes of Amiens

Louis JACQUES came to Canada in 1680 and is the only Jacques who came from France and raised a family in Canada. All the Jacques of Canada are, therefore, descendants of Louis Jacques.

La Nouvelle France
A short history of New France

Louis Jacques was married on 17 May 1688 at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Québec, to Antoinette Le ROUX (born 27 July 1669, at Beauport, Québec), who was a daughter of François Le ROUX dit CARDINAL and Marie RENAUD.

Another Louis Jacques?


Photocopy of original
record of marriage of

Louis Jacques & Antoinette Le Roux
in French

Abstract of marriage record of
Louis Jacques & Antoinette Le Roux
in French
English Translations of above documents
My thanks to Bob Jacques of Québec and Renée Cummings of the Quebec Research List at Rootsweb for these records

François Le ROUX was a native of Senille, diocese of Poitiers, Province of Poitou France. His parents were Jean Le ROUX and Jeanne LEBLANC. Francois and Marie were married 25 October 1668. 

Francois Le Roux dit Cardinal  arrived in Québec 12 September 1665 on the ship St-Sébastien with soldiers of the company La Fouille of the Regiment of the Carignan-Salières.

Marie RENAUD was a native of St. Marceau, diocese of Orleans, France. She was a Fille du roi -- a daughter of the king. Young women "recruited" by the government of Louis XIV and provided with funds from the royal treasury, clothing and in some cases dowries to come to New France in the mid-1600s. In 1639 the population of Québec was approximately 139, and marriageable young women were needed to help colonize New France. The women were mostly orphans, young widows, with a few from the merchant and noble classes and of good repute. When the women arrived in Québec they were placed with nuns, widows, or families. They were expected to choose husbands from the men already in the colonies. All descendants of the first French to come to Québec have at least one, and sometimes many Filles du roi in their lineage.

Louis and Antoinette had ten children, all born at Québec. The family moved to Bourg-Royal (Charlesbourg), a village ten miles from Québec. In the beginning Louis and Antoinette lived in the house of Louis’ employer François HAZEUR and in 1694 Louis was able to build his own house. It was at Charlesbourg that Louis Jacques died 22 February 1735, at the age of seventy-one. Antoinette died at Charlesbourg 17 April 1739, at the age of seventy. Louis was interred in the Chapel of the Congregation in Charlesbourg, as he was the premier member of this parish (See letter from La Sociétè historique de Charlesbourg).

A partial listing of Jacques and related surnames:
Allard, Auger, Baret, Baril, Bedard, Berger, Bergevin, Bilodeau, Brisson, Chalifour, Chapacou, Charlemagne, Des Rosiers, Emeau (Edmond), Fleurie, , Gentilly, Gilbert, Goron (Gauron), Groinier-Rabot, Hodder, Jacques, Jack, Jacks, Kimling, Lanceleur, Le May (Lemai), Le Roux, Le Comte de la Vimaudiere, Louis VII, Maillot (dit La Violette), Mailhot, Mayotte, Menhennick, Olivier, O'Neil, Pepin, Bily (de Billy), Remillard, Rivard-Lavigne, Robineau, Seguin (Sigouin), Soyer, Scherr, Tessier, Tilly dit Brisson, Turcot
Dedications of
Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr.
Jacqueline Joanne Scherr
(from family albums compiled by our
Great-grandfather & Jacquie)
Letter from the 
La Société Historique

De Charlesbourg
on the burial of

Louis Jacques

Louis Jacques
Nos Ancestres,
   English Translation
Jacques Family Photos
To see present day photos
of the family
of Joan Jacques Scherr
visit the
Scherr Family Photos


Descendants of
Nicholas Jacques & Marie Soyer

Direct Line of our Family
from Nicholas & Marie

For eleven generations.  Includes some children & spouses from other lines of this family.

Additional Descendants of
Nicolas Jacques & Marie Soyer through other lines of the children of Louis Jacques
& Antoinette Le Roux

Sergeant Major Maurice J. Jacques, USMC - related to us through the line of Pierre Jacques of Beauce, Québec.

I.  Descendants ofPierre Jacques
   & Marie-Ambroise Chalifour

provided by
Gilles Jacques
of Beauce, Québec


II.  Descendants ofNicholas Jacques
    & Marie-Josèphe Bedard, English

This page includes marriage records, family histories & memories and comments on genealogy research in Québec. Information & translations*

by Robert Jacques
of (Brossard), Longueuil, Québec

*1- The French texts for all documents were transcribed, spelling and grammatical errors were not corrected. Punctuation has not been altered. We are looking at texts that were written in an old form of French. All languages change with time and with them spelling, punctuation and grammar rules.

2- The English translations are textual translations and are not done in a literary style.

Click here to visit
Robert's Web site in French

You will find information on Jacques, Plante, Meloche, Bibeau, Laurendeau, Bellemare

Descendants of Louis Jacques (son of 1st Louis) and Marguerite Sigouin:
The family line of Yvonne Scarafiotti
Lawrence Jacques, Yvonne & Jeanette

Houses of the
Jacques Family

   Louis Jacques
  Bourg Royal, Québec
    built 1692

Jean-Baptiste Jacques
built ca. 1756

Jean-Baptiste Jacques, the son
built 1797

Joseph Jacques & Marie Anne Tucotte

Farm of Zacharie Jacques

 Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr.
     Arch Street,
      Marquette, Michigan

 Arthur Francis Jacques, Jr.
     Rockway Place,
      Wauwatosa, Wisconsin


St-Barthélemy & St-Cuthbert, Québec
Photos of the churches and villages

Information on the religious lives of

Sister Mary
     (Lumina Anna Jacques) &

 Sister Mary Emmanuella
(Elzire Jacques)
received from Sister Charlene Sullivan, archivist of the
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet


Old Customs of Québec
that will be forgotten
by Robert Jacques
Brossard, Longueuil, Québec
October 2001

Index des mariages de la région de
Sorel, Québec, Canada

Difficulties encountered
in Robert Jacques'

family research in Québec


Histories and Memories
of Robert Jacques' Family


Short Narratives on the Lives of

Zacharie Jacques
Charles O. Olivier
Laurent Jacques
Provided by Jeanne Jacques

Article in the Marquette Monthly
about Emery Jacques, Warden, Michigan State Prison
and the Hockey Game Played between Prison Inmates and The Detroit Red Wings

Family Memories
Mercedes Jacques Kimling
Daphne Jacques Treado Hodder
Emery Edward Jacques, Jr.
Jacqueline Joanne Scherr
Michael Robert Scherr
Stephen Raoul Scherr
Arthur Francis Jacques III

Obituaries & Tombstones
    of the Jacques Family

Zacharie Jacques
Claire O'Neil Jacques
Sister Frederika
     (Lumina Anna Jacques)
Msgr. Raymond G. Jacques
Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr.
Celine Des Rosiers Jacques
Emery Edward Jacques
Florence Vaughan Jacques
Arthur Francis Jacques Jr.
Maude Mayotte Jacques
Lucille Jacques Johnson
Robert A. Jacques, Sr.
Joan Jacques Scherr -
Interred at Arlington Cemetery with her husband Robert A. Scherr on 25 June 2002


Charles O'Neil &
Hermine Sigman Families

  Links to informative sites on
   Irish and O'Neil (O'Neill)
Genealogy and History
 and to sites on

County Tryone

Charles was the father of our Great, Great Grandmother Claire O'Neil who was married to Zacharie Jacques


Visit the site of
another Jacques connection

This Jacques family came through England

Another Jacques relative - no documentation on connection as yet - but an interesting story

Edward Des Rosiers Family
The family of Celine Marie Des Rosiers Jacques

Antoine Desrosiers
Nos Ancestres
 English Translation

Click above to visit the marvelous site
of Lucie LeBlanc Consentino
A Trip to Scotland with
Jacquie & Shelly
22 July - 2 August 2002


    Joan Michele Scherr
Nicholas James Lambis

21 April 2001



The Mayotte Family
of Dickinson County, Michigan 
A partial listing of Mayotte and related surnames:
Allard, Auger, Baret, Baril, Bedard, Berger, Bergevin, Bilodeau, Brisson, Chalifour, Chapacou, Charlemagne, Des Rosiers, Emeau (Edmond), Fleurie, , Gentilly, Gilbert, Goron (Gauron), Groinier-Rabot, Hodder, Jacques, Kimling, Lanceleur, Le May (Lemai), Le Roux, Le Comte de la Vimaudiere, Louis VII, Maillot (dit La Violette), Mailhot, Mayotte, Menhennick, Olivier, O'Neil, Pepin, Bily (de Billy), Remillard, Rivard-Lavigne, Robineau, Seguin (Sigouin), Soyer, Scherr, Tessier, Tilly dit Brisson, Turcot
Descendants of
René Maillot &
Jeanne-Catherine Berger

   The ancestors of the Mayottes of
    Dickinson County, Michigan   

René Maillot dit Laviolette
Nos Ancestres,
   English Translation


The Royal Descent
of the Mayotte (Maillot, Mailhot) Family From

Eleanor of Aquitaine
Louis VII Capet, King of France

and Forward to the Present

List of French-Canadian Surnames that
can trace a descent from European Royalty

     We are descended from Charlemagne through our ancestor Alix Capet, Princess of France, daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine & Louis VII of France
    This information was provided by a Mailhot 4th cousin
Picture of Charlemagne & of his tomb in Achen - click on his link above

Descendants of
Pierre Bilodeau & Jeanne Fleurie

Ancestors of the Mayottes of Dickinson County, Michigan
Pierre Billaudeau
Nos Ancestres,
English Translation
Three searchable databases
I am not personally researching all of the surnames in these databases - many of the surnames were received in gedcom files acquired by other researchers.  I will attempt to answer questions or direct to other sources if I can.  Will also make changes as time allows.

Database for my Jacques, Mayotte & related families
searchable by surname

Here is another searchable database for Jacques & related families
Search in my family tree :

Family name Firstname


Visit the
Jack/Jacks/Jacques & J.V. Thompson Journals
at Worldconnect
There are 72238
entries in this database
compiled by Cheralynn Wilson

Sources & References for my Information

Pages Dedicated to POW-MIAs
and Veterans
Our POW-MIAs adopted through
Operation Just Cause:

Major James T. Egan, Jr., USMC
Missing 21 January 1966 in South Vietnam

Lt. Col. Charles James Ramsay, USMC
Missing 21 January 1968 in North Vietnam

Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher, who was the first MIA
of Desert Storm,
and others adopted by my brother.
Please visit their pages - click link above.  

Click on the tree to
     visit the pages of the
     Scherr & Scherer


Links of Interest
 genealogy links,
  a Tribute to
    Col. Robert A. Scherr,
    Marine Corps links,
     Great Ocean Liners,
WWI links & others


"Down Home" in Flat Rocks, Nova Scotia
Lots about NS, as well as Farquhar, Davidson & Rothenhauser genealogy.

Also links to pages about the Canadian census - please visit - this is most important to genealogists doing research in Canada.  The Canadian government is trying to close to the public all census records after the 1901 Canadian census!
This site also has other links for genealogy research.


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The Background image was made from the wedding photo of my great-great grandmother Celine Des Rosiers Jacques, 25 November 1897

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