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Updated 09 July 2002

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Joan Jacques Scherr

Jacques Family
Obituaries & Tombstones

This portion of a stained glass window was donated to St. Joseph's French-Canadian Catholic church in Hancock, Michigan by the Zacharie Jacques Family.  The window was obtained by Robert Byron and Jeanne Jacques and now resides in their home in Texas.  
Photo of window courtesy of Jeanne Jacques.



The Jacques family plot in Holy Cross Cemetery,
Marquette, Michigan



Tombstones above are from the Jacques plot in the old French-Canadian cemetery of St. Joseph's in Hancock, Michigan

1st photo:
The large stone was apparently the main stone
for the Jacques plot.  The small stone reads "Our Darling Frederic, Born Aug. 21, 1892, Died Oct. 12 1896" and "Laurentia, born Mar. 24, 1899, died Aug. 12, 1899"  Frederic and Laurentia were two of the children of Octavia Hermina Jacques and Charles O. Olivier. 
2nd photo: The stones for Zacharie Jacques and Claire O'Neil Jacques

3rd photo:
  The stone of Laurentia Anna Jacques (daughter of Zacharie & Claire) who married William E. Harmon

4th photo:
  Stone of Emery Charles Jacques (son of Zacharie & Claire) and Margaret Godfrey Jacques

This cemetery is now beneath Resurrection Church in Hancock, Michigan, the church that replaced St. Joseph's in the late 1970s.  A large number of deceased of St. Joseph's are now under this "new" church and its parking lot.  For a listing of the deceased buried here, please visit the Houghton County GenWeb site at:


The following obituaries and notices for Zacharie Jacques came from the Daily Mining Gazette, The Evening Copper Journal, and/or the Mining Gazette (paper shown where known). They were received through the kindness of Eric Nordberg of Northern Michigan Technical University. These are transcribed exactly from the newspapers.

27 November 1905
Zacharie Jacques

Zachariah Jacques Run Over and Killed by Freight Car Today.
Accident at Dollar Bay
Was Old and Well Known Resident, Who Had Lived Here Nearly Fifty Years.

Zachariah Jacques was run over and instantly killed at Dollar Day about 7 o'clock this morning while crossing the Mineral Range railroad tracks on his way to work.  Mr. Jacques left his home as usual this morning for the Lake Superior Smelting works, where he has been employed for the past year.  To reach the works it was necessary for him to cross the tracks of the Mineral Range railroad and when he reached the crossing a freight train was being switched.  The train was on a grade and the cars were allowed to run back on the switch.  The switch was open and the cars were coming towards him at a rapid speed.  Someone called to Mr. Jacques to warn him to look out, and he hurried from the main track to the side track, not knowing on which the cars were to be run, and presumably thinking they were going on the main track.  It happened, unfortunately, that the cars were being switched on the siding, and Mr. Jacques was struck and knocked down, the car wheels passing over his body, and killing him instantly.  When the body was picked up it was found to be terribly mangled.  Two cars are said to have passed over it. 

The news of the terrible accident spread rapidly through the village of Dollar Bay and was quickly communicated to Hancock, where the deceased was a resident for a great many years.  Mr. Jacques was one of the best known and oldest residents of the copper country and deep sympathy is felt for his bereaved family in their affliction by the tragic occurrence at Dollar Bay this morning. 

Zachariah Jacques was 72 years of age, and was born in St. Barthélemy, in Quebec, in 1833.  He came to the copper country when a young man and had made his home in Hancock and Houghton for about fifty years.  He was a carpenter by trade and was first employed by Ransom Shelden in Houghton for a number of years.  He then entered the employ of the Lake Superior Smelting company in the old smelts at Ripley when the works were first opened, and remained there in the capacity of boss carpenter until the plant was finally closed permanently last spring, when he removed to Dollar Bay. 

The members of the family of Mr. Jacques who are left to mourn his loss are his wife and seven children, four daughters and three sons.  The daughters are Mrs. C. O. OLIVIER of Hancock; Sister Emanuela and Sister Frederika, of the Order of Sisters of St. Joseph, the former being at St. Louis and latter at Hannibal, Mo., and Mrs. L. Harmon, who lives with her parents at Dollar Bay.  The sons are Emory, who is now in South America; Arthur F., of Dollar Bay, and Rev. Raymond G. Jacques of Iron Mountain.  The arrangements for the funeral will be announced later.  Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Olivier went to Dollar Bay this morning. 

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Daily Mining Gazette

November 28, 1905

Decedent:     Zacharie JACQUES

Headline:     Death Claims Well-Known Man

Announcement of Accidental Death of Zachariah Jacques at Dollar Bay Came as Great Surprise.

The announcement of the accidental death of Zachariah Jacques at Dollar Bay yesterday morning spread through this city like wild-fire.  Mr. Jacques was for many years a resident at Hancock and was one of its most highly respected citizens. 

The accident happened, while Mr. Jacques was walking along the Mineral Range Railroad tracks leading to the smelting works.  He was going to the works when he heard the noise of a train behind him.  Eye witness of the accident state that he turned partially around, saw the train coming towards him on the main spur and, thinking that it was going to continue along those tracks, he stepped over to a side track.  He just stepped from one track to the other when he noticed that the train was coming along the track he was on.  The train was then too close to him for him to get out of the way.  The train struck him knocking him down and the body was dragged about 50 feet before the train could be brought to a standstill.  The body was badly mangled and death was instantaneous. 

Mr. Jacques was born at St. Bartholomew, Canada, in February 23, 1833.  He came to the Lake Superior district in June 1857, and was the first carpenter foreman engaged by Ransom Shelden.  He remained in Mr. Shelden's employ till 1868 when he was made surface foreman for the Detroit & Lake Superior Smelting company at Hancock which position he held till the fall of 1904 when he was transferred to the smelting works at Dollar Bay. 

Mr. Jacques was married in 1859 to Miss Clara O'Neil of Sorel, Canada.  Twelve children were born to them of which, together with his wife seven are living.  The children are: Mrs. Charles O. OLIVIER of Hancock; Sister Emmanulla of St. Louis, Mo.; Sister Frederica of Hannibal, Mo.; Emery C. of Cerra de Pasco, South America; Arthur F., of Dollar Bay; Rev. R. J., of Iron Mountain; Mrs. Laurentia Harmon of Dollar Bay. 

Deceased was a man of high character and was well thought of by all who knew him.  His death has cast a gloom over the entire community.  He was a charter member of the St. Jean de Baptiste society of Houghton and Hancock.  Upon the organization of the society Mr. Jacques was made the first president and held the office continuously for six years.  Arrangements for the funeral will probably be completed today.  The St. Jean de Baptiste society will attend in a body. 

A coroner's jury was summoned by Justice Dunstan.  The remains were viewed after which the inquest was adjourned to Friday morning next. 

Speaking of the accident last evening Supt. J. C. SHIELDS said it was a most unfortunate affair.  He said one of the trainmen who witnessed it stated when he first saw Mr. Jacques the latter was standing alongside the main spur.  Had he remained there he would have been in no danger whatever as he was standing three or four feet from the tracks.  The brakeman said the next he saw of Mr. Jacques the latter was right in front of the train.  Mr. Shields says the train was moving slowly at the time and was stopped within its length.  In other words it did not move over 50 feet after Mr. Jacques was struck.

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Date:       28 November, 1905
Decedent:   Zacharie Jacques
Headline:   Funeral of Z. Jacques.

The Ste. Jean Baptiste Society Will Attend in a Body.

Arrangements have not yet been fully completed for the funeral of the late Zachariah Jacques, who was accidently killed yesterday morning at Dollar Bay, but it is expected that the services will be held Thursday morning from the Dollar Bay church, and interment in Hancock.  The St. Jean Baptiste society of Hancock and Houghton, of which Mr. Jacques was a charter member and for six years its president, will attend the funeral in a body.  All the members of the family of the deceased with the exception of Emory Jacques, who is in South America, are expected to be present to attend the funeral.  A jury was empaneled yesterday morning by Coroner Dunstan and after the remains had been viewed an adjournment was taken until Friday morning. 


Date:  Not Known - probably November 28 or 29, 1905

Decedent:    Zacharie JACQUES

Headline:    Z. Jacques Funeral

The funeral of the late Zachariah Jacques of Dollar Bay will be held Thursday morning at 9 o'clock.  Services will be held at St. Francis church, Dollar Bay. The remains will be laid at rest in the old Catholic cemetery, this city. The St. Jean de Baptiste society of Houghton and Hancock will attend the funeral in a body. 


Date:        December 1, 1905

Decedent:     Zacharie JACQUES

Headline:     Funeral of Z. Jacques

Remains Laid at Rest Yesterday in the Old Hancock Cemetery.

The interment of remains of the late Zachariah Jacques, who met his death in an accident at Dollar Bay last Monday, took place yesterday morning in the family plot at the Old Hancock cemetery.  The funeral services were held at St. Francis church at Dollar Bay and were attended by a large gathering of the friends of the deceased, the cortege which accompanied the funeral procession being one of the largest ever seen here.  The priests who took part in the solemn high mass were:

Rev. John J. GODFREY of St. Louis, Mo.; Reverends REZEK of Houghton, ZIMMERMAN, of Hubbell, RAYMOND, of Lake Linden, REIS, of Lake Linden, MOLANARI, of Calumet; JULIUS of Calumet, KLOPSIE of Calumet, STAHL, of Bark River, GEERS of Hancock, BENNETT, of Hancock, MILLER of Dollar Bay and JACQUES of Iron Mountain. 

Rev. Raymond G. JACQUES, youngest son of the deceased was the celebrant, Rev. John J. GODFREY of St. Louis, Mo., deacon Rev. A. J. REZEK of Houghton, sub-deacon, and Rev. J. MILLER of Dollar Bay, master of ceremonies. 

The pall bearers were selected from the members of the St. Jean Baptiste society of Hancock and Houghton of which the deceased was a charter member, and the society turned out in a body to attend the funeral acting as an escort of honor to the cemetery. 

Beautiful floral offerings were received from the Knights of Columbus, Modern Woodmen and from friends of the deceased attesting the esteem felt for the late Mr. Jacques and expressing the sorrow felt at his sad taking away. 

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Daily Mining Gazette

Date:       28 May 1910 Saturday

Decedent:   Mrs. Clara Jacques

Mrs. Clara Jacques, a pioneer resident of Hancock, died yesterday morning at her Hancock home.  She was 72 years old and had lived in Hancock the past 40 years.  She was born in Sorel, Québec, Canada 1837 September 5.  Her maiden name was Miss Clara O'Neill and was married to Zacharie Jacques 1859 in Canada.  They came to copper country of Michigan in 1870 and located in Hancock and lived here since.  Mr. Jacques died in 1905 in Hancock.  Since his death she had been living with her son, Emery.  She is survived by 7 children and a sister B the sister is B Mrs. X. Tousigtant [Tousignant] of Hull, Quebec; and the children are - Mrs. C. O. Gilbert, Emery C., Arthur F., all 3 of Hancock; by Nuns Sister M. Emmanuela of St. Louis and Sister M. Fredericka of Kansas City, Rev. Raymond C. Jacques of Iron Mountain.  The funeral will be held Monday at St. Joseph's church, Hancock and burial will be at the old Catholic cemetery, Hancock. 

The Evening Copper Journal

Date:       May 31, 1910
Decedent:    Claire O'Neil JACQUES

Headline:  Imposing Funeral Rites

Notable Assemblage of Catholic Clergy at Obsequies Over Body of Mrs. Clara Jacques. 

Hancock has seldom seen an assemblage of Catholic clergy and sisters of the church, such as that present at last rites over the remains of the late Mrs. Clara Jacques, held yesterday morning at 10:00 o'clock from St. Joseph's church.  Divines from many of the upper peninsula parishes were in attendance, out of respect to Rev. Raymond JACQUES, son of the deceased, and Sisters Emmanuella of St. Louis and M. Frederica of Kansas City, daughters. 

Solemn requiem mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Raymond Jacques of Iron Mountain, assisted as deacon by Rev. T. J. ATFIELD of St. Patrick's church and sub-deacon by Rev. Henry BUCHHOLTZ of Ironwood.  Master of ceremonies was Rev. Fr. Frederick GLASER of St. Joseph's church of this city.  Other priests in the sanctuary were Rev. John BOSS of Hancock, Rev. Henry REIS of Lake Linden, Rev. Luke KLOPSIE(?) of Red Jacket, Rev. Anthony MOLINARI of Vulcan, Rev. F. X. BARTH of Stephenson, Rev. Peter MANDERFIELD of Houghton, Rev. Theodore BATESKI of Lake Linden, Rev. Joseph HOLLINGER of Republic and Rev. Charles LIEDGENS of Ewens. 

Of the sisters of the church who came to pay final tribute to the dead, there were many.  Rev. Mother Agnes Gonzaga RYAN, superior general of the sisters of St. Joseph, of St. Louis, Mother Mary Marcella of St. Louis, and sisters Emmanuella and M. Frederica of St. Louis and Kansas City, daughters of the dead woman, were among those from a distance.  Thirty sisters of St. Joseph of this city followed the bier. 

Music was rendered by the St. Joseph choir, assisted by members of the musical body of the St. Patrick's church.  Miss Anna DWYER presided at the organ. 

Flowers in profusion were taken to the burial plot, tributes of scores of friends. 

The bier was borne by Charles ROULEAU, P. P. AUDETTE, Edward PERSO, Frank FRANCIS, Onesime RACINE and Archie VERVILLE and ushers Alphonse DROUIN, Eugene MUNROE and Joseph SCHNEIDER. 

Members of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the St. John's society and the society of St. Anne of the St. Joseph's church attended. 

The remains were laid at rest in the old Catholic cemetery beside those of the husband. 

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Grave of Sister Frederica (Lumina Anna Jacques) in the plot of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Holy Cross Cemetery, Marquette, Michigan

Mining Journal

Date:      29 October 1935

Decedent:   Sr. Frederica (Lumina Anna JACQUES)

Headline:   Sr. Frederica Is Dead After Heart Attack

Was Head of Baraga School and Mother Superior of Convent

Sister Frederica, 70 years old, principal of the Baraga school and Mother Superior of the convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Marquette for the last two years, died at 2:30 yesterday afternoon in St. Mary's hospital a short time after she had suffered a heart attack. 

Her death was entirely unexpected and came as a great shock to her relatives and to her associates in the convent and school.  Monday she attended to her duties in the school as usual and appeared to be in good health.  She became ill suddenly about 6 o'clock Monday evening, but her condition did not become serious until early yesterday morning, when she was taken to the hospital. 

In Sisterhood 53 Years.

Sister Frederica had served in the Community of the Sisters of St. Joseph for 53 years.  Born in Canada in November 1864, she was Lumina Anna Jacques, daughter of the late Zacharie JACQUES and Claire O'Neill [O'NEILl] JACQUES.  When she was six years old she went to Hancock with her parents and attended the parochial schools there.  In July, 1882, she entered the Community of the Sisters of St. Joseph in St. Louis, Mo.

She missioned at the Mother House of the Sisters of St. Joseph in St. Louis for 10 years and for 18 years she served in the convent of Our Lady of Good Counsel in St. Louis, being Mother Superior there for six years.  From St. Louis she went to Los Angeles, Calif., where she served in a convent for three years and then she went to Peoria, Ill., where for nine years she was Mother Superior of the Academy of Our Lady.  She came to Marquette two years ago from Peoria. 

In her younger days Sister Frederica was a music instructor.  She had a degree in music and taught the violin, piano and harp. 

Funeral Services Thursday.

She leaves two sisters, Mrs. C. O. OLIVIER, of Hancock, and Sister N. Emanuella, Order of St. Joseph, in St. Joseph's Academy, Green Bay, Wis., and three brothers, Emery C. JACQUES, of Hancock; Arthur F. JACQUES, of Marquette, and the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond G. JACQUES, of Sault Ste. Marie. 

The body will be taken to St. Joseph's convent this morning and will remain in the convent chapel until 8:30 Thursday morning, at which time it will be taken to the St. Peter's cathedral.  Children of the Baraga school will meet at the school Thursday morning at 8 o'clock and will march to the cathedral to view the body. 

Funeral services will be held in St. Peter's cathedral Thursday morning at 9:30 with the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond G. Jacques officiating.  The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Henry A. BUCHHOLTZ, P. A. administrator of the diocese of Sault Ste. Marie and Marquette, will give the eulogy and the absolution will be given by the Most Rev. Joseph G. PINTEN, bishop of Grand Rapids. 

Interment will be made in Holy Cross cemetery in the Sisters of St. Joseph plot.  Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus will be pallbearers. 

[This obituary is courtesy of the Peter White Library in Marquette, Michigan]

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Mining Journal

Date:      October 7, 1940
Decedent:   Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond George Jacques Headline:   Msgr. Jacques Dies at Sault

The Rt. Rev. Msgr. R. G. Jacques

The Rt. Rev. Monsignor Raymond G. JACQUES, 65 years old, brother of Arthur F. JACQUES of Marquette, died suddenly last evening in Sault Ste. Marie in the rectory of St. Mary's church of which he had been pastor since 1936. 

Msgr. Jacques' death was caused by a heart attack with which he was stricken shortly after he had eaten dinner.  He was seriously ill last winter for several weeks and at that time there was little hope that he would live, but he recovered and, after a period of rest, his health improved and he was able to resume his church duties.  During the last few months his condition appeared to be practically normal and his death, coming while he was conferring with members of his congregation on church business, was entirely unexpected. 

Native of Hancock.

Msgr. Jacques was born in Hancock October 27, 1875, and had served in the Catholic priesthood in the diocese of Marquette and Sault Ste. Marie for 39 years.  After completing his high school course he attended St. Francis seminary in Milwaukee and completed his theological studies at St. Sulpice in Montreal, Canada.  He was ordained to the priesthood in Hancock in 1901 by Bishop Frederic ELS.  The following year he was assigned to St. John's church in Marquette and remained here as its pastor until 1905. 

In 1905 he became pastor of St. Joseph's church in Iron Mountain and remained there five years.  In 1910 he was assigned to Menominee and served as pastor of St. Anne's church in that city for eight years. 

Msgr. Jacques spent 18 years of his life in Escanaba where he was pastor of St. Anne's church from 1918 to 1936.  In 1936 he was transferred to Sault Ste. Marie. 

He was elevated to the rank of monsignor in 1929, served as vicar-general of the diocese under Bishop Paul Joseph NUSSBAUM from 1930 to 1936 and had been one of the diocesan consultors for the last 25 years. 

Interment in Marquette.

Msgr. Jacques leaves his brother, A. F. JACQUES, of Marquette, and a sister Mrs. C. O. OLIVIER, of Hancock.  The Rt. Rev. H. A. BUCHHOLZ, P.A., V. G., and A. F. Jacques went to Sault Ste. Marie last night immediately after being notified of Monsignor Jacques' death.

The body will be brought to Marquette for interment.  Arrangements for funeral services, which will probably be held next Tuesday or Wednesday, will be announced later. 

[This obituary courtesy of Marquette County Historical Society, J. M. Longyear Research Library]

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Daily Mining Journal, Marquette, Michigan

Date:       October 25, 1945
Decedent:    Arthur Francis JACQUES, SR.

Headline:    A. F. Jacques Dies Suddenly of Heart
             Attack In His Home

Arthur F. JACQUES, 71, former mayor of Marquette and one of the Upper Peninsula's most prominent business men, died suddenly of a heart attack at 6:30 yesterday morning in his home, 505 East Arch street, as he was preparing to leave for Milwaukee. 

Although his health had not been particularly good during the last few months, he had been attending to his business affairs regularly, was at his office Tuesday and his death, which occurred a few minutes before he and Mrs. Jacques were to drive to Negaunee to board a train for Milwaukee, came entirely without warning. 

Community Leader

Mr. Jacques, a resident of Marquette 33 years, was affiliated in an executive capacity with several business organizations and for years had been a leader in civic activities, giving much of his time to public affairs. 

He was elected president of the Union National bank in June of this year and had been a director of that bank since 1928.  He was vice-president and general manager of James Pickands & Co.; Hancock; vice-president and general manager of the Portage Coal & Dock Co.; secretary, treasurer and director of the Marquette Dock Co.; vice-president, director and member of the executive committee of the Kawbawgam Hotel Co., owners of the Northland hotel; director of the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic railway, the Mineral Range Railroad Co., and the Ste. Marie Union Depot Co. 

He also was chairman for the Solid Fuels Administration in Area 6, comprised of Marquette, Houghton, Gogebic, Dickinson, Iron and Ontonagon counties, for the duration of the war. 

Mayor for Five Years

Mr. Jacques was elected mayor of Marquette in 1934 and served in that capacity until 1939.  He served as a member of the board of trustees of the Peter White public library from 1914 to 1924 and had been chairman of the Marquette county department of social welfare since 1932. 

Mr. Jacques was a charter member of the Marquette Rotary club, which was organized in 1916, and its president in 1926-27; he was a member of Marquette council, Knights of Columbus, serving it as grand knight in 1921-22; he was a member of the Marquette club, the Miscowaubik club, of Calumet; the Marquette Chamber of Commerce and the Railway Cooperative League of Michigan, and was a member of St. John's Catholic church.

Born in Hancock

He was born in Hancock on Jan. 24, 1874, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Jacques, pioneer residents of that community, who moved there from Canada in 1869. 

From 1893 to 1896 Mr. Jacques was employed as laboratory assistant for the Lake Superior Smelting Co., Hancock, and was chief chemist for that company from 1896 to 1906. 

Since 1906 he had been affiliated with Pickands, Mather & Co., as district and general manager of its coal properties in Marquette and Houghton counties.  In 1897 he was married to Celina DESROSIERS, of Hancock, and they moved to Marquette in 1912.  For three years before he came to Marquette Mr. Jacques served as a member of the Houghton county board of supervisors. 

He was a brother of the late Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond G. Jacques, former vicar general of the Catholic diocese of Marquette, and of the late Sister M. Frederica, former Mother Superior of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Marquette. 

Funeral Saturday Morning

Mr. Jacques leaves his wife, five daughters and two sons.  The daughters are Mrs. [Lucille] A. R. JOHNSON, New York city; Mrs. [Corinne] William R. CLULO, Midland; Mrs. [Virginia] Ned BRADLEY , Santa Monica, Calif.; Mrs. [Claire] Edgar N. PUGH, Detroit, and Mrs. [Marie Louise - Mary] Michael A. MENHENNICK, Marquette.  The sons are Arthur F. Jacques, Jr., Milwaukee, and Emery E. Jacques, Marquette.  There are 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. 

The body is in the Tonella funeral home and will remain there until services are held Saturday morning at 9 in St. John's church.  Knights of Columbus will meet in the funeral home at 8 tonight to recite the Rosary. 

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Daily Mining Journal

Date:       October 26 1945
Decedent:   Arthur Francis JACQUES, Sr.
Headline:   Funeral Rites Saturday for A. F. Jacques

The flag at the city hall is flying at half-staff in tribute to the late Arthur F. Jacques, mayor of Marquette from 1934 to 1939, funeral services for whom will be held tomorrow morning at 9 in St. John's church with interment in Holy Cross cemetery.  Mr. Jacques died suddenly of a heart attack at 6:30 Wednesday morning in his home, 505 East Arch street, as he was preparing to leave for Milwaukee. 

The flag at the county building also will fly at half-staff, Mr. Jacques having served for more than 10 year as chairman of the county department of social welfare. 

Active escorts at the funeral tomorrow will be Wilfred FISH, John J. GUELFF, Ernest L. PEARCE, Herman SCHMIDT and William WOODBRIDGE, of Marquette, and James GEORGE, Hancock. 

Honorary escorts will be Simon R. ANDERSON, Mayor James J. BECKMAN, E. S. BICE, Martin FLANIGAN, Harlow A. CLARK, Joseph CONE, Forest J. KEPLER, M. K. REYNOLDS, Frank B. SPEAR, P. B. SPEAR, Sr., August SYVERSON, Leon A. DEGLMAN, William H. ELLIOTT, John TIERNEY and Willard M. WHITMAN, Marquette; Frank ARMSTRONG, Cleveland, O.; D. S. BOYTON, Chicago, Ills.; W. B. CASTLE, Duluth, Minn.; George A. DONALD, Ashland, Wis.; William GRAY, Ishpeming; Harry P. JUNOD, Cleveland; Frank J. RUSSELL, Sr., Iron Mountain; E. R. LOVELL, Calumet; John D. MORRISON, Lansing; Herbert E. PERKINS, Big Bay; George W. STRIEBING, Cleveland; Frank M. VAN ORDEN, Houghton, and E. A. WHITMAN, Minneapolis, Minn. 

The body is in the Tonella funeral home on North Third street. 

Daily Mining Journal

Date:       October 29, 1945
Decedent:   Arthur F. Jacques, Sr.
Headline:   Many Attend Funeral of Arthur R. Jacques

St. John's church was filled Saturday morning when funeral services were held for Arthur F. Jacques, who died suddenly Wednesday.  The Rt. Rev. Msgr. M. JODOCY, pastor of the church, was celebrant at a solemn requiem high mass and other officers of the mass were the Rev. Chester FRANCZEK and the Rev. William OREMUS.  In the sanctuary were the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John T. HOLLAND, pastor of St. Peter's cathedral, and the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph L. ZRYD, pastor of St. Michael's church and vicar general of the Catholic diocese of Marquette.  Interment was made in Holy Cross cemetery.

The following out-of-town relatives and friends attended the funeral: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Jacques, Jr., Milwaukee; Mr. and Mrs. William R. Clulo and daughter Mary, Midland; Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Pugh, Birmingham, Mich.; Mrs. Margaret Jacques, Hancock; CPO John Jacques, USN, Hancock; Mrs. James FITZPATRICK, Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde BUCHANAN, Escanaba; Joseph MONROE and Mrs. Rose DESROSIERS, Hancock; Mr. and Mrs. James GEORGE, Calumet; Miss Clara Quayle, Hancock; Charles W. STOLL, Escanaba; D. S. BOYNTON, Chicago; William GRAY, Ishpeming; Harry P. JUNOD, Cleveland; George W. STRIEBING, Cleveland; Mr. and Mrs. Angus J. NAULT, Newberry; Miss Rita CULBERT, Ishpeming; Mrs. Myrtle GUY, Ishpeming; James SCANLON, Ishpeming; Lucille and Delia TORREANO, Negaunee; John LARSON, Negaunee; William WARMINGTON and Mrs. Albert J. YOUNG, Escanaba. 

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Daily Mining Journal, Editor's Mail

Date:        October 29, 1945
Decedent:    Arthur F. Jacques, Sr.
Headline:    Tribute to A. F. Jacques

Editor, Mining Journal:

The obituary notice of the passing of Mr. Arthur Jacques, which appeared in the Mining Journal of Oct. 25 emphasizes the fact that he was: "One of the Upper Peninsula's most prominent business men.

True, However, he was more than a business man to those who knew Mr. Jacques intimately.  He was one of those rare and inspiring personalities of whom there seem to be too few in business, or in any of the professions for that matter. 

Throughout his life he read good literature.  His literary tastes covered a wide range of subjects - biography, American and Foreign history, theology.  He had opinions, but he was the personification of tolerance.  He kept abreast of the times in current events as well. 

Mr. Jacques had a public mind and gave himself to the service of the people with a singleness of purpose that should be an inspiration to American youth. 

As President John M. Munson of Ypsilanti Normal College, formerly head of Northern Michigan College of Education, said after leaving Marquette: AI miss contact with the stimulating mind of Arthur Jacques.  He was one of the most inspiring personalities that it has been my good fortune to know." 

In the firmament of souls, Arthur Jacques is one of those who "That with their mild persistence urge men's minds to vaster issues.

No finer tribute can be put upon his tomb than

"Here lies a real American."

Respectfully, CASEY C. WIGGINS

     Secretary of the Democratic party,
             Marquette County.

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Mining Journal

Date:      November 11, 1957
Decedent:    Celina [Celine] Jacques
Headline:    Death Claims Mrs. Jacques In Hospital

Mrs. Celina Jacques, 81, of 505 E. Arch St., died at 10:45 yesterday morning in St. Mary's Hospital.  She had been ill since March and was hospitalized since Oct. 18. 

Mrs. Jacques was the daughter of the late Edward and Lucy DESROSIERS, pioneer Hancock residents.  She was born Jan. 11, 1876, in Hancock, and had resided in Marquette 45 years. 

She was a member of St. John's Church, the Altar Society of St. John's, the Daughters of Isabella, the Marquette Women's Club. 

Survivors are a son, Arthur F. Jacques, Jr., Wauwatosa, Wis.; five daughters, Mrs. Andrew R. JOHNSON, New York City; Mrs. William R. CLULO, Midland; Mrs. Anker THOMSEN, LaJolla, Calif.; Mrs. Edgar W. PUGH, Birmingham, Mich.; and Mrs. Michael MENHENNICK, Hancock; 13 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. 

Mrs. Jacques' husband, Arthur F. Jacques, died Oct. 24, 1945, and a son Emery E., former Marquette State Prison warden, died in April 1956. 

Funeral services will be held at 9 Wednesday morning in St. John's Church with the offering of a Solemn Requiem High Mass for the deceased.  Burial will be made in Holy Cross Cemetery. 

The body was taken to Tonella's Funeral Home, where friends may call beginning at 7 this evening.  The Rosary will be recited for the deceased at 8 this evening. 

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Mining Journal

Date:     April 12, 1956
Decedent:   Emery Edward JACQUES

Headline:   E. E. Jacques, Prison Warden 8 Years,

Emery E. Jacques, 52, warden of the Marquette State Prison since 1948 and prominent leader, died at 9 Wednesday night in the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., where he was a patient four days. 

Mr. Jacques had taken ill suddenly Friday night and was flown to the Mayo Clinic Sunday morning.  Complications which developed from a circulatory condition in his left leg caused his death. 

Death came as a shock, since Mr. Jacques had been in good health until suddenly becoming ill last week.  Members of his family were with him in Rochester. 

Was School Superintendent

Born Oct. 26, 1903, in Dollar Bay, Jacques came to Marquette with his family in 1912. 

He attended parochial schools in Marquette and received a bachelor's degree from Northern Michigan College.  He also attended Michigan College of Mining and Technology and Michigan State University. 

Mr. Jacques taught school in Bark River (Delta County) from 1925 to 1929 and was superintendent of schools at Winona (Houghton County) from 1929 to 1937, at which time he became district supervisor of paroles in the Upper Peninsula. 

He held the post of paroles supervisor until 1946, when he became a member of the Michigan Parole Board.  In March, 1948, Jacques was appointed director of prisons.  In June, 1948, he was made acting warden of the Marquette State Prison, succeeding Gerald F. BUSH.  The appointment was made permanent Nov. 22 of that year.

Active in civic affairs, Mr. Jacques was in great demand as a speaker for meetings of luncheon clubs, civic and fraternal organizations and fund-raising committees. 

Past President of Rotary

Mr. Jacques was a past president of the Marquette Rotary Club and was a member of the Marquette Club, the Elks Lodge, the Knights of Columbus and various professional organizations.  He was a member of St. John's church. 

Mr. Jacques played a prominent part in the retention of St. Mary's hospital for Marquette four years ago when it appeared that the city might lose the institution.  He was a sub-chairman of the St. Mary's Hospital drive committee and was the first president of the new St. Mary's Hospital lay board of advisors, organized in 1954. 

He was well-liked by custodial personnel at the prison and was well-known in the Upper Peninsula. 

As warden of the maximum security prison, Jacques had to carry out his duties carefully.  Probably the most important event which occurred during his tenure was on Saturday night, July 8, 1950, when an attempt was made by three dangerous prisoners to seize Governor G. Mennen WILLIAMS as a hostage in a daring break for freedom. 

Warden Jacques' cool behavior during the fracas was credited, along with action by other prison personnel and the Governor's bodyguard, in preventing any harm from coming to the Governor. 

One of the ringleaders, John HALSTAD, 50, who was serving a life term for armed robbery, died of gunshot wound received when he attempted to attack the Governor. 

Two custodial personnel, James NANCARRO, 53, chief steward, suffered a cut on his forehead, and Albert J. HAUKNESS, now deceased, who was then 67, suffered fractures of both arms. 

State Police Corporal George KERR, the Governor's bodyguard, sustained a knife wound in his back. 

Other convicts involved in the notorious plot were Ralph STEARNS, then 48, who had participated in the 1938 escape during which the late Marvin P. COON, then warden, was kidnapped, along with several Parole Board members, and Jack (Crazy Jack) HYATT, then 28, who later became one of the ringleaders in the Jackson State Prison riot of April, 1953. 

Stearns was serving a life sentence for armed robbery.  Hyatt was incarcerated for a 25-30 year term for armed robbery.  Hyatt and the other ringleader in the Jackson riot, Earl WARD, are now in the segregation block in Marquette State Prison. 

With the Governor in the 1950 near-riot were JACQUES, KERR, State Representative Louis MEZZANO of Wakefield and Stan MCWHINNEY, the Governor's civilian pilot. 

Commended by Governor

Gov. WILLIAMS was on an inspection tour of the prison and entered the dining area.

Stearns, wielding a kitchen knife, started the fireworks by lunging at Gov. Williams and shouting "Come on, Soapy!

The Governor and his party were herded into the kitchen by the convicts, armed with knives and mashers. 

Jacques ordered the felons to drop their weapons or be shot. Stearns dropped his knife, but Halstad lunged at the Governor, with Cpl. Kerr firing and fatally wounding the convict.  Jacques and custodial personnel then quieted the near-riot. 

Gov. Williams later commended the work of prison officials in their part in suppressing the uprising. 

Funeral Rites Monday

Mr. Jacques is survived by his wife, Florence; three daughters, Mrs. James KIMLING, Lansing, and Mrs. Howard TREADO, Jr. and Miss Yvonne JACQUES, Marquette; a son, Emery E., Jr., Detroit; his mother Mrs. A. F. JACQUES, Marquette; five sisters, Mrs. Andrew R. JOHNSON, New York City; Mrs. William R. Clulo, Midland; Mrs. Anker TOMPSEN, LaJolla, Calif.; Mrs. Edgar W. PUGH, Birmingham, Mich.; Mrs. Michael A. MENHENNICK, Hancock; a brother, Arthur F., Jr., Wauwatosa, Wis.; and eight grandchildren and a large number of nieces and nephews. 

Funeral services will be held Monday morning in St. John's Church.  Burial will be made in Holy Cross cemetery. 

The body will be received here Friday night and taken to Tonella's Funeral Home. 

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Mining Journal

Date:     July 14, 1978
Decedent:  Florence Jacques

Florence Jacques, 74 of 701 Champion St., Marquette, died in her home Thursday. Born Sept. 22, 1903, in Marquette, she was a lifelong resident of the city.  Her husband Emery Jacques, died April 11, 1956.  She was a member of St. Peter's Catholic Church. 

Surviving are a son Emery, Jr. of Northville; three daughters, Mrs. James (Mercedes) Kimling of Plymouth, Mrs. Robert (Daphne) Hodder of Chelsea and Mrs. Sam (Yvonne) Misailedes of Williamston; 19 grandchildren and give great-grandchildren. 

Services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at St. Peter's Cathedral.  Burial will be in the Holy Cross Cemetery. Friends may call at Tonella's Funeral Home from 5 to 9 p.m. today, with parish vigil services at 8 p.m. today. 


Milwaukee Journal

Date:     No Date (date of death was
  26 September 1967)

Decedent:  Arthur Francis Jacques, Jr. [born 21
 August 1899, Dollar Bay, Michigan]

Arthur F. Jacques, 68, a real estate broker and accountant, died Tuesday at St. Mary's hospital. His family said death resulted from complications after surgery for an aneurysm, a ballooning of an artery. Mr. Jacques, 1140 Kavanaugh pl., was a broker with Colonial Realty, 8721 W. North Ave., Wauwatosa.  From 1959 to 1964, he was vice-president and controller of Western Industries.  From 1943 to 1958, he was vice-president, secretary and a member of the board of directors of the Lindemann & Hoverson Co.  Previously he had been an accountant for two public accounting firms, Arthur Anderson & Co. and Haskins & Sells Co. 

Mr. Jacques was a member of the Blue Mound Country Club, St. Jude the Apostle Catholic church, Marquette University Alumni association; American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Controllers Institute of America.  He was an army veteran of World War I. 

He is survived by his wife, Maude; a daughter, Mrs. Robert A. (Joan) SCHERR, Alexandria, Va.; two sons, Robert A. , South Bend, Ind., and Raoul P. [T.], Phoenix, Ariz.; and four sisters, Mrs. William (Corinne) CLULO, Midland, Mich.; Mrs. Virginia SNYDER, San Diego; Mrs. Edgar (Claire) PUGH, Birmingham, Mich., and Mrs. Michael (Mary) MENHENNICK, Hancock, Mich.

Services will be at 10 a.m. Friday in St. Jude church, 734 Glenview av., Wauwatosa, and burial will be in Holy Cross cemetery. 

The body will be at the BORGWARDT funeral home, 7425 Harwood av., Wauwatosa, after 4 p.m. Thursday. 

No Date – No Name of Paper (Probably Milwaukee Journal)

JACQUES, Arthur F.

Residence 1148 Cavanaugh Street, Tues. Sept. 26, aged 68 years.  Beloved husband of Maude D. [should be M.] Mayotte, father of Mrs. Joan Scherr, Robert A. and Raoul T.:  further survived by 8 grandchildren, 1 son-in-law, 2 daughters-in-law, 5 sisters and other relatives.  Funeral from F. J. Borgwardt Sons Wauwatosa Funeral Home.  7425 Harwood av., Fri., Sept. 29, at 9:30 a.m. to St. Jude’s Apostle church at 10 a.m.  Interment Holy Cross.  In state after 4 p.m. Thurs. Parish vigil at 7:30 p.m. Thurs.


No Date -- Paper probably Milwaukee Journal


Nee Mayotte, residence 1140 Kavanaugh Pl., mother of Mrs. Robert (Joan) Scherr, Robert A. (Ellen) and Raoul T. (Alice) Jacques; further survived by 8 grandchildren, 4 sisters, other relatives and friends.  Funeral from F. J. Borgwardt Sons Wauwatosa Funeral Home, 7425 Harwood Ave., Thurs. April 16, at 10 a.m. to St. Jude Apostle church, at 10:30 a.m.  Interment Holy Cross cemetery.  In state 4 to 9 p.m. Wed. Vigil at 8 p.m. Wed.


December 15, 1985

Decedent:   Lucille Jacques Johnson
Headline:  Mrs. Lucille Johnson, 87,
           was concert soprano

Mrs. Lucille Johnson, 87, a resident of Gillettes The Country Place, died of complications Saturday at 11:30 a.m. in St. Joseph Riverside Hospital after a long illness. She was born June 9, 1898, in Dollar Bay, Mich., the daughter of Arthur and Celina DESROSIERS JACQUES. A resident here since 1982 coming from Michigan, Mrs. Johnson was a member of Blessed Sacrament Church and had been a concert soprano.  She studied under Professor CONSUALDI of Chicago, Ill., and had given two concert recitals in the Chicago area. 

Survivors include three sisters, Mrs. Edgar Pugh of Birmingham, Mich., Mrs. Corinne Clulo of Midland, Mich., and Mrs. Mary Menhennick of Marquette, Mich. 

The funeral will be Monday at 2:30 p.m. at Staton Gillen Larkins Funeral Home.  There are no calling hours.

Burial will be in All Souls Cemetery. 


No Date – No Paper Name

JACQUES, Sr., Robert A.

South Bend [Indiana] – Services for Robert A. Jacques, Sr., 63, of 17260 Brandel Drive, who died about 10:25 a.m. Wednesday in St. Joseph’s Medical Center, will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at St. Pius X Catholic Church, Granger.  Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m.  Friday in Hickey Funeral Home Cleveland Road Chapel, 17131 Cleveland Road.

Mr. Jacques retired as senior vice president of Associates Financial Services after 33 years of service.  He was born June 13, 1926, in Milwaukee, and lived in South Bend since 1965, coming from Milwaukee.  Survivors include his wife, the former Ellen A. Handeland; a daughter, Suzzanne Jacques of Ypsilanti, Mich.; two sons, Arthur III of Louisville, Ky., and Robert II of State College, Pa.; a sister, Joan Scheer [Scherr] of Fairfax, Va.; and a brother, Raoul of Phoenix, Ariz.  He was a member of the church, Four Lakes Country Club in Adamsville, chairman of the board of the YMCA serving on the finance, insurance and personnel committee, member of the Board of Trustees of the American Business Association, received the Neighborhood Housing Service Award for his volunteer work, and was a consultant for Barclays Bank of Delaware, National Association of Doctors, and American Investment Bank.  He was a veteran of World War II serving with the Army Air Corps and remained a reserve officer until 1956.  He was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and a Member of the Alumni Association.

SCHERR, Joan Jacques (17 April 1923 - 18 May 2002)

Hawai'i - 1956    
Hawai'i - 1956
photo by Robert A. Scherr

with Mi-Ott
Fairfax - 1998

The above photos were taken by Michael R. Scherr on 27 June 2002
at Arlington National Cemetery (66-6769)
(Yellow Roses were her favorite)

Joan died at approximately 1:00 p.m., 18 May 2002, in the Hospice of Northern Virginia, Arlington, Virginia, after a long and courageous battle with Pancreatic Cancer.  Joan was born 17 April 1923 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Arthur Francis Jacques, Jr., and Maud Mayotte Jacques, of Wauwautosa, Wisconsin, both deceased.  She attended Wauwautosa High School.  On 10 October 1942 in Quantico, Virginia, Joan married Robert Arthur Scherr, deceased, who was born 10 October 1920 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Joan is survived by her daughter Jacqueline Joanne Scherr; her two sons and their wives --  Michael Robert and Marliese, and Stephen Raoul and Linda of Virginia; her brother Raoul Thomas Jacques of Arizona (her brother Robert Arthur Jacques of South Bend, Indiana, predeceased her); 3 grandchildren, Joan Michele Lambis and her husband Nicholas; Kristin, Renée, and David Scherr; and 1 great-grandchild due 19 December 2002 (child of Joan Michele and Nicholas Lambis).  Following a short service held in the Chapel at the Everly Funeral Home in Fairfax, Virginia, our Mother was interred in Arlington National Cemetery with our Father Robert at 3:00 p.m. on 25 June 2002.

She is greatly missed by her family and friends.


Eulogy given 25 June 2002 at Everly Funeral Home, Fairfax, Virginia

Who was Joan Scherr? A Eulogy
By Michael R. Scherr


Who was Joan Scherr?

Many of you knew her at one point in her life so I would like to say a few words about who she was from my perspective

She was a child of the depression. She learned the value of a dime and family, as so many of her generation did, by having supportive and hard working parents. She learned from her parents that you should not complain about adversity (it doesn’t help), but have a positive attitude and work to overcome it.              

She liked a lot of people almost as well as her pets.  She made them bigger than life.

Her family and friends were always the best as were her pets.  She very seldom worried about normal human frailties.

She was very intelligent and very educated.

She had a High School Education – this was good enough to allow her to take and pass the Oxford University entrance exams. But women did not go off to England for school then and in  any event reality got in the way with no money and WWII.  She continued her education by reading and being interested in everything.

She was a MOTHER and Homemaker  She knew that she wanted a family and to raise her children Her first child was her youngest brother RAOUL. She would take him on almost all her dates.  My Father always had two to take out both she and his future Brother-in-law.   When asked about this and how Dad took going out with an 8 year old, she very frankly stated that if he didn’t go along with this arrangement she would not have married him.


She was a Mother and had a MOTHER’s LOVE. 

Would always correct your behavior if she felt you were doing something she did not feel was right

Always giving gifts and every gift was the greatest, even if it was not your style, color or size.

Would always give anything and everything to her children, grandchildren others even if it meant tremendous cost, sacrifice and effort.

She would always welcome back into the family those who strayed or hurt her. Always thought of others even while dying.  She thought ahead and bought Birthday presents for birthdays she would not be around for.

She was a Grandmother for more than my children or Shelly.
She loved the role of being the Neighborhood Grandmother as well as the School Grandmother at OAK View Elementary and helped at the
Robinson  High School concessions

SHE Was the Wife of a Marine and a true Patriot

At 19 years old she left Milwaukee to marry her Marine in a strange place called Quantico and within 30 days sent him off to 3 and a half years of WAR.
She had to endure the uncertainty of not knowing what he was doing or where he was. Always dreading the Telegram.  She also had to endue Dad’s severe illness after
Cape Gloucester from afar without knowing how badly it really was or how he was doing.

She did not feel sorry for her self, but was always optimistic and planned for the future of the family she and Bob were going to have

Most don’t realize how difficult it was to buy sterling silver flatware but in WWII most silver was pulled into a program called the
Manhattan Project. This raised the prices of silver to an extreme.  She saved and bought one piece with each paycheck - $15 per fork. 

Always working and sacrificing for her family.

At 27 she sent her Marine off to WAR again this time to
Korea.  When he disappeared without a phone call in October 1962 she knew to listen to the News.  She sent him off to a normal overseas tour at 41 and he ended up at WAR in Vietnam.

SHE HELD down the HOMEFRONT and was a every bit a marine.  SEMPER FI
Finally she was a Lady Kind and considerate – as long as you did not make her your enemy.   Always concerned about proper decorum and how both she and her family looked.  Proper Manners were very important

ALWAYS said Please and Thank you.  In conclusion SHE would like to say thank you to those friends and family that could not make it here today for their kind thoughts

To her neighbors – she liked them so much she wanted to live out her life with them on
Concordia Street

To all those who helped her with the house over the years and in her sickness

And she has some gifts she would like to present to those family and friends that were ESPECIALLY HELPFUL

JACQUIE -- HER ENGAGEMENT RING who was to have helped in her convalescence

Janet Watts – Her friend  a bracelet she wore

Shelly – also a bracelet for the days and evenings she spent with her

Linda -- a bracelet for Her Daughter-in-law for all that she has and continues to do to help. Above and well beyond what could be expected.

Steve – the guardian of her health for so long – with her flag that flew for years over the house

To all, she says Thank You for making her life something to celebrate and joining her children here today  



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