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Narratives on
Zacharie Jacques, Charles O. Olivier
and Laurent Jacques

received from and translated by Jeanne Jacques

Zacharie Jacques

Mr. Zacharie Jacques, one of the most respected Canadians of the Lake Superior region, was born in the parish of St-Barthélemy, Berthier County, in 1833. Son of a farmer, he learned the trade of carpenter-jointer, and at the age of twenty-two years, he went to seek his fortune at Goodrich.

Nevertheless, he did not stay long at that place. On 7 June 1857 he arrived in Portage, the name given at that time to the towns of Houghton and Hancock. After practicing his trade first as an employee of the Messieurs Sheldon and then on his own, Mr. Jacques in 1869 entered the service of the “Lake Superior Copper Co” as carpenter foreman, a position that he filled with honor for more than a quarter century.

When Mr. Jacques went to Houghton County, it had only one mine in operation and he needed to disembark at Eagle Harbor. He saw the birth of the town of Hancock, and he cooperated with zeal in all religious and patriotic undertakings. He was president of the St-Jean-Baptiste Society of Houghton and Hancock during the first four years of its existence.

At the same time that he gave generously to all meritorious enterprises, with his orderly wit and judgment he was able to acquire for himself several properties in Hancock, Lake Linden and Dollar Bay.

In 1859 Mr. Jacques married Miss Clara O’Neil, teacher at St-Barthélemy, and in 1870 his family came to join him at Lake Superior.

He is today the father of a family that does him credit. Two of his daughters are sisters of the Order of St. Joseph, and his oldest sons hold excellent positions in Hancock.

  Charles O. Olivier

Monsieur Charles Onésime Olivier of Hancock was born in 1865 at Berthier. He is the son of Louis Olivier, farmer, first cousin of the honorable Judge Olivier. After making excellent studies, Mr. Olivier entered eighteen years of commerce and in 1884 came to Hancock where he easily found employment.

He was first clerk of the Ryan Store (the most important position of the place), then he decided in 1890 to open his own grocery shop. Fortune smiled on him, and he occupies today an influential position among the citizens of Hancock. In 1894 he was clerk of the court for Hancock and he has good prospects for the future.

M. Olivier married in 1886 Miss Octavie Jacques, daughter of Mr. Zacharie Jacques.

  Laurent Jacques

The French Canadians of Lake Linden have the honor of seeing one of their own occupy the important position of treasurer of the township of Schoolcraft. Mr. Laurent Jacques who fulfilled this responsibility during several years, was born 1 September 1847 ­in St-Barthélemy, Berthier County. He came to the United States at the age of 22 and after living for a time in the East, came in 1874 to settle at Lake Linden where he opened a smithy and a carriage manufactury. His business is always big and prosperous and he is today the head of one of the better establishments of its kind in the region.

Before becoming treasurer for Schoolcraft Township, Mr. Jacques was appraiser for the Village of Lake Linden, and for three years he has also been treasurer of the St-Jean-Baptiste Society, of which he is a founder-member.

Mr. Jacques married Eugenie Bussière in 1871 in Woonsocket, R.I. He was widowed in 1874 and in 1882 he married his second wife Miss Victorine Trépanier.




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