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January 27, 1999

Mrs. Jacqueline J. Scherr



Your letter dated October 5, 1998, to Mr. John Yves Rolet, has been handed over to La Société Historique de Charlesbourg for a follow-up.

Let us say that your cousin in Quebec City was right when he informed you that your ancestor Louis Jacques was interred in the chapel of one of the churches of Charlesbourg.

However this chapel was located in the parish of Charlesbourg, not in the Notre- Dame-des-Laurentides area which is north of Charlesbourg and really did not exist at the time mentioned, that is the year 1735.

The chapel of the Congregation was erected on the site of the first church as we can see by the following quote: (translation included)

"Le 27 mai 1733, M. de Miniac, etant en vi site comme Archidiacre, remarqua que plusieurs bancs dans l'eglise n'etaient pas clog, c'est-a-dire n'avaient pas de portes, qu'ils n'etaient pas de meme forme, ni d'egale grandeur et il ordonna qu'a l'avenir ceux qui seront adjuges scient de la meme forme que leg autres auxquels ils seront attaches pour etre plus solides. Comme dans l'ancienne chapelle, on voit que chacun alors faisait lui-meme ou faisait faire son banc separement.

"Dans cette meme visite, M. de Miniac ordonna aussi de retablir Ie toit de la chapelle de la Congregation attenante a la sacristie et entierement pourri et de renouveler Ie bardeau".

"II est de tradition dans la famille descendant de Louis Jacques, premier de ce nom, que leur ancetre, en sa qualite de premier congreganiste, a eu Ie privilege exceptionnel d'etre enterre dans la chapelle de la Congregation. On a cru que des ossements trouves il y a quelques annees, en dehors du cimetiere actuel et dans Ie lieu oil etait une partie de la Congregation, etaient leg ossements de ce premier Louis Jacques qui aurait ete en meme temps Ie premier congreganiste. Cela est tres probable, car il a ete en effet enterre dans la chapelle de la Congregation comme en fait foi son acte de sepulture signe par M. Le Boullenger et que voici: Le vingt-deux fevrier mil sept cent trente-cinq a ete inhume dans la chapelle de la Congregation de cette paroisse Louis Jacques age de soixante-dix et environ onze mois mort Ie 20eme du dit mois de mort subite apres avoir communie Ie matin aux quarante heures. ant ete presents a son inhumation François Bédard et tous leg congreganistes."  (p. 77- 78- 79, Paroisse de Charlesbourg, Charles Trudelle, 1887).

We must say that it was customary, at the time, due mainly to the proximity of wild animals, to inter the deceased persons of high or special rank under the benches covering the church. There did not seem to have any tombstone for them outside.

Furthermore, this first church and its adjoining chapel have been pulled down around 1834 and the site has been recovered for a park dedicated to the Sacred Heart. The new church was erected on the other side of the street; the building having taken place during the years 1830-1833.

We regret to say that it is not possible to answer positively to your wish for a rubbing of the wording on the tombstone which is non-existant.

If you think we can be of some more help to you, please contact us.

Yours truly:


Ruth Giroux




(Reference: letter dated January 27, 1999)

On May 27, 1733, M. de Miniac, being on visit as Archdeacon, noticed that many benches in the church were not closed, that is they did not have doors, also they were not of the same shape nor of the same size et he ordered that, in the future, those which will be adjudicated be of the same shape as the others to which they will be tied so as to be stronger. P.s in the old chapel, it appears that every one built his own bench or had it built by someone else. 

During this same visit, M. de Miniac also ordered to repair the roof of the chapel of the Congregation adjoining the sacristy which was entirely rotten and to renew the shingle.

It is a tradition in the family originating from Louis Jacques, first of the name, that their ancestor, in his quality of first congreganist, has had the exceptional privilege of being interred in the Chapel of the Congregation. It was believed that bones found a few years ago, outside the actual cemetery and on the site of what was a part of the Congregation, were the bones of that first Louis Jacques who would have been at the same time the first congreganist. This is very probable for he has been interred in the chapel of the Congregation as we can read by his act of sepulture signed by Mr. Le Boullenger and which reads: "On February 22, 1735, has been buried in the chapel of the Congregation of this parish Louis

Jacques aged seventy years old and about eleven months, who died on the 20th of the same month, from sudden death, after having received the communion during the Forty Hours. Have been present at his burial François Bedard and all the congreganists. (p. 77- 78- 79, Paroisse de Charlesbourg, Charles Trudelle, 1887)

Organisme reconnu par la ville de Charlesbourg

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