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Descendants of Pierre Jacques
Marie-Ambroise Chalifour

Second Generation

The following information was received from Gilles Jacques (in French and translated) of Beauce, Québec. 

Pierre was the fourth child, third son of Louis Jacques and Antoinette LeRoux.  He was born 10 March 1697 at Bourg-Royal, Québec, and baptized in a chapel of Bourg-Royal erected in 1678 by Monseigneur of Laval, or in the new church of stone built the same year.  His father, Louis, along with other farmers sculpted statues for the church.  He was married 12 February 1720 at Charlesbourg, Québec, to Marie-Ambroise Chalifour.  Her parents were Pierre Chalifour and Anne Mignier.  Pierre died 25 July 1774.

Pierre's childhood was spent on the family farm and mostly with his brother Louis and his sisters Catherine and Anne.  At the age of 25, he married his next door neighbor Marie-Ambroise Chalifour.

The families of the brothers Louis and Pierre lived together on the family farm which they made prosper.  This farm with its 30 acres was too small for the two families.  In 1736 or 1737, the lord (or Seigneur) Joseph Fleury de la Gorgendiére recruited farmers for his plantation of New Beauce.  Pierre decided to move to Beauce. 

With his wife and five children, he organized the separation of the family farm.  He chose tools that were the most essential which he brought to Lévis.  The trip was undertaken by boat, then by horse-drawn carriage.  They went along the south shore, then the east shore of the Chaudière River up to the village of Scott.  Upon embarking, the baggage was put in canoes that they had to row all the way to the plantation that the lord had measured (arpentaur) into lots - this was done for him on 17 December 1737.

Pierre's land of 3 acres by 4 acres is separated from the forest by only two small trenches which at each end he placed one small rock along with pieces of glassware and dishes under a post.  He had to start by clearing this land, which was lined by large trees.  His first occupation was to build a cabin for himself. 

His family was still at Charlesbourg.  He began by cutting trees and clearing the land.  His first harvest must surely have been peas an beans.  The river in front supplied the water and fish, which was caught with some kind of net.  We estimate that in his first year he cleared 4 acres.  He had to wait for following years to move his family and also probably a young cow to supply the milk and labor for the field.  Also in that voyage he brought two young sheep, which would give the necessary wool which is indispensable for the fabrication of clothing.

The house was made of wood (logs).  The house he built the first year becomes the barn for the animals.  It is estimated that all of his land was cleared by 1742. That year, Pierre's daughters Marie-Ann and Marie-Charlotte were married at the chapel built nearby, February 5 and July 2, respectively. In 1750 it is his son's turn to be married to Cécile Doyon.  Pierre, father and son, probably lived on the same farm until the son's farm was ready.  His other children, Geneviève, Charles and Louise get married in 1762, while Augustin and Jean-Baptiste will get married in 1763 and 1770, respectively.  Augustin will be given the family farm.  Pierre will undertake to grow old and die 23 January 1774.  He will be exposed the next day in the new church built in 1765 on almost the same spot as the old church.  Pierre died at the respectable age of 77 in the days when the average life expectancy was 50.

A Tragic Death

Charlotte, daughter of Pierre and widow of Pierre Labrecque, 50 years old, was the third wife of Pierre Provost.  She lived alone and when the house where she lived caught fire.  She died in the flames.  She was buried 6 May 1770 at St-Joseph de Beauce.

Third Generation
Augustin Jacques

Augustin was married three times.  With his first wife, Geneviève Boulet, he had two sons -- Augustin and Pierre.  This is the line from which we descend.

His second wife was Marguerite Bourbeau.  Augustin and Marguerite had four children. 

Married his third wife, Augustin and Véronique Marcoux in 1779.  They had eight children. 

Augustin, the father, bought a farm measuring 3 acres frontage and 40 acres deep from Jean Fleury de Deschambault 4 March 1779.  At this time, Augustin was living at St-Joseph de Beauce. 

The child that interest us is Augustin (son), from Augustin's first marriage, with Geneviève Boulet

Fourth Generation
Augustin Jacques, the son

Augustin (the son) born 15 October 1754 at St-Joseph-de-Beauce. He died 20 January 1812 at St-Joseph-de-Beauce. He married Marie Salomé Doyon 10 October 1785 at St-Joseph de Beauce.  Salomé Doyon(PRDH: Baptismal Cert. #196468, St-Joseph-de-Beauce  1764-12-31, Birth :1764-12-30) is the daughter of Salomée Lalague-Lagueux dit Charpentier and Jean Doyon.  She died 24 June 1828 at St-Joseph-de-Beauce.  There were 11 children of this marriage.

Salomé:  married 16 January 1815 to Zacharie Vachon at at St-Joseph de Beauce

Josette:  married 7 April 1823 to Jean Huard at St-Joseph de Beauce

Catherine:  married 7 August 1815 to François Nadeau at St-Joseph de Beauce

Archange:  married 7 November 1826 to Charles Perron at St-Joseph de Beauce

Jean-Pierre:  married 8 October 1816 to Angélique Lessard at St-Joseph de Beauce

Angélique:  married 22 February 1830 to Jean-Baptiste Faucher at St-Joseph de Beauce

Augustin:  married 12 October 1819 to Euphrosine Grondin at St-Joseph de Beauce

Sophie:  married 11 October 1831 to Augustin Gilbert at St-Marie de Beauce

Marguerite:  married 12 February 1822 to Jean-Baptiste Perron at St-Joseph de Beauce

Isaac:  married 2 March 1840 to Sophie Lachance at St-Joseph de Beauce

Léon:  married 18 January 1830 to Suzanne Lessard at St-Joseph-de-Beauce

Fifth Generation
Léon (Yonnais) Jacques

Léon married Suzanne Lessard 18 January 1830 at St-Joseph de Beauce.  There were 6 children of this union.  Suzanne Lessard's parents were Joseph & Angelique Thibeault.

Children of Léon Jacques and Suzanne Lessard:

Béloni was born in 1830. 

Marie-Zélia. She married Joseph-Lucippe Lessard 4 November 1884 in St-Frederic-de-Beauce, QC (Source: Répertoire des Mariages de La Beauce, pub.#77-1995-Page 366, Female oriented).

Vital. He married Célanire Lagueux 31 July 1860 in St-Joseph-de-Beauce, QC (Source: Répertoire des Mariages de La Beauce, pub.#77-1995-Male oriented book, page 367), daughter of Joseph Lagueux-dit-Charpentier and Cecile Cloutier. 

Children of Vital Jacques & C
élanire Lagueux:

Marie-Elmire.  She married Joseph-Hermenegilde Maheux 30 October 1893 in St-Joseph-de-Beauce, QC (Source: Répertoire des Mariages de La Beauce, pub.#77-1995, Female oriented).

Vital-Napoleon. She married Marie-Georgianna Bilodeau 26 August 1884 in Ste-Marie-de-Beauce, QC (Source: Répertoire des Mariages de La Beauce, pub.#77-1995, Male oriented).

Thomas. He married Marie Pare 19 February 1867 in St-Frédéric de Beauce, QC (Source: Répertoire  des Mariages de La Beauce, pub.#77-1995-Page 370, Male oriented book).

Marie-Philomène.  She married Joseph Poulin 7 October 1873 in St-Frédéric de Beauce, QC (Répertoire des Mariages de La Beauce, pub.#77-1995-Page 368, Female oriented).

Richard. He married Zoè Vachon 7 November 1876 in St-Frédéric de Beauce, QC (Répertoire  des Mariages de La Beauce, pub.#77-1995-Page 373, Male oriented book).

Sixth Generation
Bénoni Jacques

Béloni was one of the first farmers in 1858 to settle in No. 4 at St-Frédéric de Beauce.  Later he brought a farm on lot No. 11 in the township of Broughton.  This land was a part of Grand Morne.  It is by a camp that he starts.  In the highlands, he plants sarazin and wheat.  Beautiful large pines are cut on his land for the construction of the church.  Béloni married Christine Dupuis-dit-Gilbert 20 October 1856 at St-Frederic-de-Beauce, Québec.  (Her parents were Henri & Anastasie Lessard.)  Bénoni had 8 children, one of which was Amédée.

Children of Béloni Jacques and Christine Dupuis-dit-Gilbert:

Amédée Pierre.  He was born 5 March 1876 in St-Frédéric-de-Beauce.

Philias Pierre-dit-Jacques. He married Marie Roussin.

Georges, born 1856 in Sacre-Coeur de Marie. He married Lea Poirier.  They had six children.  They immigrated to the U.S. through Durbin, Vermont, and settled in Laconia, New Hampshire.  Georges and Lea had six children.  One of these children was Harmidas (Meadow) Jacques. 


Seventh Generation
Amédée Jacques

Amédée was born 5 March 1876, he married his first wife Exilia Paré on 28 August 1897 at St-Frédéric de Beauce.  There were 3 children of this marriage.  Exilia died 12 January 1903.

Albertine:  married 17 July 1916 to Joseph Fortin at Sacré Coeur de Marie.  She died 22 April 1984

Trefflé:  married 5 June 1922 to Fibronia Lessard at Sacré Coeur de Marie

Irenée:  married 15 September 1925 to Laeticia Lachance.  He died 26 May 1979

With his second wife Félixine Jacques who he married 17 May 1904, he had 11 children.  It on his father's farm (Bénoni) that Amédée  lived with his family.  He worked the farm, continued to clear the land, and even made shoes.

Harmidas married Antoinette; they became U.S. citizens. 

Children of Harmidas & Antoinette Jacques:

Maurice Joseph, born 17 June 1931, married to Nobuko; died 11 May 1997, buried 22 May 1995 at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Plot: CBC 3 382.  He was a Sergeant Major in the U.S. Marine Corps and served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam. 

born 1935

Edward, born 1944

Eleanor, born 1946

Eighth Generation
Trefflé Jacques

Trefflé, born 17 July 1899 at Sacré Coeur de Marie, married Fibronia Lessard on 5 June 1922 at acré Coeur de Jésus.  He had acquired a farm on concession 11 (Large line), but it was the depression and he had to save to feed a large family at that time.  He was in the business of selling animals which he butchered and sold at the municipal market of Thetford Mines.  For 40 years, every Friday, he was there no matter what the temperature with his horses.

Trefflé died 14 November 1976, Fibronia died 27 March 1993.

Rosaire:  married Gervaise Lachance 2 June 1945

Lionel:  married Cécile Vachon 1 May 1948

Lauréat:  married Thérèse Paquet 2 July 1946

Hervé:  married Marie-Jeanne Blouin 21 September 1957

Paul-Emile:  married Rachel Routhier 27 June 1959

Patrick:  did not marry

Jean-Denis:  married Clé-mence Moreau 17 October 1964

Yvan:  married Yolande Talbot 25 August 1962

Raoul:  married Cladette Laqacé 24 July 1965

Ronald:  born 9 May 1941 and died of an accident on 2 May 1963

Clémence:  married Martin Marcoux 14 June 1969

Ninth Generation
Lauréat Jacques

Lauréat was born 29 May 1926 at Sacré Coeur de Marie.  He married Thérèse Pacquet, daughter of Joseph Paquet on 2 July 1946.  He bought a farm from his father on the concession at Sacré Coeur de Marie.  He is a farmer and a carpenter.  He is also a mechanic being able to work well with his hands.  He always had work to feed his family.  Now he is retired and works his farm.  From his marriage he had 6 children.

Michel:  married Lucette Grondin 22 July 1972 at St-Daniel

Lise:  married Gaston Vachon 7 June 1975 at Sacré Coeur de Marie

Claude:  married Carolle Clouthier 6 August 1977 at East-Broughton

Suzanne:  married Jean-Paul Vachon 1 June 1974 at Sacré Coeur de Marie

Gilles:  married Nicole Beaulieu 7 July 1979 at Thetford Mines

Gaétane:  not yet married

Tenth Generation
Gilles Jacques

Gilles was born 24 August 1957 at Sacré Coeur de Marie, married Nicole Beaulieu, born 19 July 1952 at Thetford Mines (St-Maurice).  They have two children.

Eleventh Generation
Sébastien Jacques
Hugo Jacques


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St-Joseph de Beauce


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