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More information on the Sigman Family provied by Francis T. Watters (

A Henry Christophe Sickmann married a Marie-Thérèse Laflamme at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Québec City on 30 January 1787.

Later on, several of his children were bapised in the Notre-Dame Church in Québec City.  An André Sickman was baptised in Notre Dame on June 2, 1789.  Since the father's name was shown as André, and we know it should be Henry, I imagine that this is the Henry Sigman who married Marie Robert.  Incidentally, the Laflamme family name is also sometimes shown as Kemner/Kimner/Quimineur/Thimineur and was from Brittany.  Thus at André's baptism his mother's name is shown Thérèse Kemner.

A daughter, Cecile, was bapized on 07-07-1790, the father signed "Henrich Singman".  Another daughter, Marie Judith was baptised at the same place on June 7, 1791.  The godfather was Frederick Henneman or Heinemann, another Hessian/Brunswicker.  The father signed Heinrich Singman.

The family was still in Québec City in 1795 per the parish census.  Henry Christopher Sickmann/Singman was probably a German auxiliary soldier who came over between 1776 and 1783 to fight for the British during the American Revolution.

Christopher Frederick Heineman was in St-Cuthbert, about 40/50 miles from Trois Rivières, in the early 1800s, so it is possible both families moved to that general area at that time.

In the Immaculée Conception Parish in Trois Rivières on May 22, 1804 was found the baptism of twins, Jean Henri and Marie Magdeleine SIEGMAN born of "the legitimate marriage of" Henri Siegman and Marie Robert.  The sponsors for Jean Henri were Henri Bonman and Catherine Décurène.  The sponsors for Marie Magdeleine were Jean Schniltler and Marie Magdeleine Vincent.  Both Jean Henri and Marie Magdeleine died two days later on May 24, 1804.

The sponsors signed:  H. Bolman and Jean Schnettler.
Henri Siegman signed André Siegmann.  These three signitures are very familiar to one who has now looked at many signatures of Brunswickers/Hessians for the last three years. 

Therefore, based on the date - 1804 _ and the signature of Henri Siegman, it is obvious that Henry married a second time to Marie Robert.  In one baptism, his occupation is described as a clerk with the St-Maurice Forges, or Les Forges de St-Maurice.  As was often the case, fellow soldiers appear as witnesses or sponsors at weddings and baptisms or funerals. 

These were the first iron works in Canada, started during the French régime and continued well into the 19th century. 

Protestant marriages in Trois Rivières were checked but no marriage for Henry and Marie was found.  Holy Trinity Church in Québec City was also checked, with no marriage being found (the writing was very cramped and difficult to read.  The indexes between 1795 and 1903 were checked and they showed that Bolman was married in Sorel.  There was no record in the Drouin, but the marriages of his sons and daughters was found.  (Drouin lists only Catholic marriages except for the odd wedding.)

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