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French-Canadian Surnames
In Direct Descent from European Royalty


This list is of French-Canadian surnames with a fairly clear direct descent from European Royalty. I am sure that it is by no means complete. 

At this point I am not including surnames that came from Ontario. This list was made to be a starting point for your own research - I am NOT able to answer research questions on these surnames.  There are no links to other pages here.  Corrections and additions most welcome.

The rules for adding names to this list (there have to be rules!):

1.  Surname must be one that "originates" in New France.  These surnames may include other nationalities than French, such as Irish, English, German, etc.

2.  When sending surnames, please try to include the locale in New France where the name originated.  In other words, the area or parish of the first birth in New France of this surname. And, the name of the Royal involved.

3.  If sending other than just surname & parish, please not send a complete lineage - only the direct line from a particular Royal.



Descent from Charlemagne

Beaudoin, Champlain, Quebec

Billy, Gentilly, Quebec

Billy, Courville, Hotel Dieu, Quebec

Bourbeau, Champlain, Quebec

Caron, Champlain, Quebec


De Billy, Champlain, Quebec

De Billy St. Louis, Hotel Dieu, Quebec

Deshaies-St-Cyr, Champlain, Quebec

Gentilly, Gentilly, Quebec

LaMarche Champlain Quebec

Larrivee dit Maurice, St-Genevieve de Batiscan, Quebec

LeBlanc, Champlain, Quebec

Maillot (Mailhot, Mayotte), Gentilly, Quebec


Marchildon, Batiscan, Quebec

Maurice, Tiny Township, Maurice, Ontario

Montplaisir, Cap de la Madeleine, Quebec

Reaux dit Alexandre, Champlain, Quebec

Reaux dit Morinville, Champlain, Quebec

Rivard-Lanouette-Lavigne, St-Pierre-les-Becquets, Quebec

Rivard-Lavigne, St-Genevieve de Batiscan, Quebec

Tautant, Champlain, Quebec

Thanasee, St. Croix, Lafontaine, Ontario

Toupin, Beauport, Quebec

Tousignant dit Lapointe, Cap de la Madeleine, Quebec


Some descendant surnames related to Catherine de Baillon:

Lavoie, Miville, Deschenes, Deschesnes, Rivière-Ouelle, Québec,

Levesque, Kamouraska, Québec

Dubé, Langlois, Richard, Bourg, Roy, Boudreau, Durand, Soulard, Ferré, Lévesque, Niquet, Harel, Badaillac, Autin, Bérubé, Michaud, Levasseur, Mignault, Coté, Voisine, Landry, Bernier, Gagnon, Pelletier, Terraiun, Sirois, Marquis and others.

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