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Updated:  16 September 2001

Genealogical Tree of the Jacques Family
Compiled by Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr. in 1919
with an update to 1999 by Jacqueline Joanne Scherr



With deep reverence and fond and affectionate remembrances, I dedicate this little volume to my Dear Father and Mother, Zacharie and Claire Jacques, with the knowledge that the work would have met their approval and would have been the source of much pride and pleasure to them had they been with me to enjoy it.



This work represents a desire on my part of having a true and accurate record of our ancestry, believing that such a record will be a source of satisfaction and interest to us and will help us to cherish in our minds and hearts a proper respect and affection for our parents and ancestors.

The basis for this little volume is a work entitled "Dictionnaire des Familles Canadiennes" by Father Cyprian Tanguay of Quebec Canada. Father Tanguay under the auspices of Laval University and the provincial government of Quebec, spent about 40 years gathering the data which resulted in tracing all Canadian families from the original French Colonist down to about 1775.

Father Tanguay was a member of the Historical society of the province of Quebec and also of the state of Missouri. The last reference to the Jacques family in Tanguay’s work is the marriage on September 20th, 1775 of our great grand-father, Joseph Jacques, to Marie Exupere Remillard and the record of the children born in that family.

From that time it has been necessary for me to obtain from the parish priests of St. Cuthbert and St. Barthelimi the abstract of Certificate of birth and marriage of my father, Zacharie Jacques, also the Certificate of marriage of my grandfather, Joseph Jacques to Marie Victoire Baret in 1801, and second marriage to Marie Anne Turcot in 1818.

These Certificates show that the father of my grand-father was named Joseph Jacques and that his mother was Marie Exupere Remillard. This serves to complete the connection between my researches and the work of M. Tanguay and gives us an absolutely authentic and correct record of our family from 1662 down to the present line.

This volume will also serve to clear up the authenticity of the name "Duhaut" which has been used in our family by some of our relatives and proves, conclusively, that it has no proper place therein. It was first used by our great grandfather to distinguish in all probability, his family from that of his brothers Antoine and Jean Baptiste Jacques, who also had large families living in the parish of St. Cuthbert.

The parish records of St. Barthelimi date from 1828. Previous to that time it was a part of the parish of St. Cuthbert, so that our family records preceding 1828 appear in the registry of the parish of St. Cuthbert and various other parishes as will be noted in the pages of this volume.

The Genealogical Tree for all members of the Jacques family is completed on page 12 which the marriage of our grandfather in 1801 and 1818. We have in the remaining pages, given the family of Zacharie Jacques and his children only; leaving it to the descendants of his brothers and sisters to continue this record if they so desire, on the blank pages left for that purpose.

I wish to express here my thanks and appreciation for the help given me by my Dear brother, Father Raymond Jacques of Escanaba, also my Dear sister, Mrs. Chas. O. Oliver of Hancock, and my cousins in Canada and the United States who so generously aided me in obtaining the information necessary to complete this work.

It is with a sense of pleasure that I present this little volume to my relatives, with the hope that they will find it worthy of a place in their family archives

Respectfully yours

Arthur Francis Jacques   
Marquette, Mich. U.S.A.
November 1st, 1919.




This site is dedicated with love

to my parents and to those who came before them.

"We are one with the circle that never ends
Events in the past are what brought us here . . .


and you will hear your ancestors . . . " 11


What began as a small quest looking for the one Irish branch of this family has turned into quite an adventure. I hope that future generations will continue to add to this work and in so doing discover the amazing energy and far reaching ties of this family.

This document continues the genealogy of the Jacques family compiled in 1919 by my great-grandfather Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr. The recent changes and photos, 1919 to present, were compiled by me with the help of my mother, Joan Lorraine Jacques Scherr, and my uncle, Raoul Thomas Jacques, my brothers Steve and Mike, as well as numerous "cousins" close and distant in the United States and Canada, without whose help the extensive additions and revisions to this document would not have been possible.

With love,

Jacqueline Joanne Scherr       
Bradley Beach, New Jersey
5 September 2000


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