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Updated:  14 July 2001

Seventh and Eighth Generations from Canada

and First Generation in the United States

Families of the Children of Zacharie Jacques and Claire ONeil:

The children of Zacharie Jacques are of the seventh generation from Louis Jacques, and their children ar therefore of the eighth generation from Louis Jacques, and the ninth from Nicolas Jacques and Marie Soyer of St-Michel dAmiens, Picardie, France, and the first generation in the United States.

Children of Octavia Hermina Jacques and Chas. O. Olivier:

Octavia Elzire

born about 1901
Frederick Charles died at age of four

Marie Laurentia

born 24 March 1899, died 12 August  1899, Hancock, Michigan

Children of Emery Charles Jacques and Margaret Godfrey:

Frances Claire (Mary)

born 5 November 1914/15 at Hancock, Michigan; married Richard E.  Badger of Long Beach, California


Raymond Zacharie    

John William       

Charles Joseph

Triplets, born 28 March 1917, at home in Hancock, Michigan.  Raymond died at sea on East India tanker in WWII  
Children of Laurentia Anna Jacques and William E. Harmon:
William John        Born 1900, died 1919
Lumina Anne        Born about 1902, date of death unknown
Children of Arthur Francis Jacques and Celine Marie Des Rosiers

Lucille Marie      

Born 9 June 1898, died 15 December 1985; married A. R. Johnson of New York City

Arthur Francis, Jr. Born 21 August 1899 at Dollar Bay, Michigan, died 26 September 1967 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin; married 27 September 1922 to Maudine Mae
Mayotte, born 17 August 1894 at Ishpeming, Michigan; died on or
about 11 April 1970 at Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Corinne Celine   


Born about 1902, married 18 August 1924 at St. John=s Catholic Church,
Marquette, Michigan, to William E. Clulo of Midland, Michigan. 
Dates of death unknown.
Emery Edward    Born 26 October 1903 at Dollar Bay, Michigan; died 11 April 1956;  married 26 July 1926 at Marquette, Michigan, to Florence Marie     Vaughan, born 22 September 1903 at Marquette, Michigan. Florence
Marie Vaughan was born in Marquette on September 22, 1903. Her parents were Daniel Vaughan and Amelia Morin.  Daniel Vughan's parents were John Vaughan and Johanna Nolan, both born in County
Cork, Ireland.  Daniel was born in Negaunee, Michigan in 1869.  Amelia Morin's parents were August and Cordelia Morin, said to have been born in Quebec Province of Canada..  Amelia was born in Negaunee, Michigan in 1872. The family home was in Ishpeming.
Virginia M.      Born about 1905/06 at Hancock, Michigan; moved to California,
Date of death abt. 1994 in California. 



Born about 11 March 1907 at Hancock, Michigan married Edgar N.(G.W. per Jeanne Jacques) Pugh of Birmingham, Michigan, later of Detroit, Michigan
Marie Louise  Born 7 April 1912 at Marquette, Michigan, died 5 November 1992 at
Marquette, Michigan; married Michael Menhennick of Hancock, Michigan, died 7 September 1973 at Marquette, Michigan;
Marie Louise Jacques and Michael Menhennick had one child -
Michael, who died 2 July 1993; he married Joanne Helen Lindberg of Dodgeville, Michigan.


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