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Updated:  14 July 2001

Jacques Family

Sixth Generation in Canada
First Generation in the United States


Zacharie    Born at St-Barthelimi, Comte Berthier, Québec, 24 February 1833, died 27 November 1905 at Hancock, Michigan; married 20 August 1859 at St-Barthelimi, Comte Berthier, Québec, to Claire O'Neil, born 5 September 1937, died 30 May 1910 at Hancock, Michigan.  (Claire was the daughter of Charles O'Neil and Hermine Sigmund (Siguin, Segin, Sickman) possibly born in Sorel, Québec, according to Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr. However, she may have been born in Ireland).  
Children of Zacharie Jacques and Claire O'Neil:


Octavia Hermina Born 24 May 1860 at St-Barthelimi, Québec, died 1945, Hancock, Michigan; married 16 September 1886 at St. Joseph=s, Hancock, Michigan, to Charles O. Olivier, born about 1865, died 1941.

 Marie Louise Born 21 August 1861/62 at St-Barthelimi, Québec; died 30 October 1886, Hancock, Michigan. Never married. 

 Marie-Elzire Born 18 January 1863 at St-Barthelimi, Québec; entered community of Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Louis, Missouri in 1879.  Name in religious life, Sister Mary Emmanuella.  In 1919 was stationed at St. Vistor's Convent, Chicago, Illinois.  Date of death unknown.

 Marie Lumina Anna Born November 1865 at Sorel, Québec (per Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr.),  died 29 October 1935; entered Community of Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Louis, Missouri, in 1882.  Name in religious life, Sister Mary Frederica.  In 1919 she was Mother Superior, Convent of Our Lady of Good Counsel, St. Louis,
Missouri.  In later years, she was Mother Superior of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Marquette, Michigan.
 Emery Charles Born 1871, Hancock, Michigan, died 1941; married 1913, St. Louis, Missouri, to Margaret Godfrey of St. Louis, born 1883, died 1946 in Hancock, Michigan.  He was a bookkeeper at Produce House, on 1910 Michigan census. 


Arthur Francis Born 24 January 1874, Hancock, Michigan, died 26 October 1945, Marquette, Michigan; married 25 November 1897, Hancock, Michigan, to Celine Marie DesRosiers, born 11 January 1876, died 10 November 1957 at Marquette, Michigan. 

 Raymond George Born 27 October 1875, Hancock, Michigan; died 6 October 1940; Ordained Priest, 1901, Hancock, Michigan. Raymond became a Monsignor and Vicar General in Sault Sainte Marie.

 Laurentia Anna Born 1877/78, Hancock, Michigan, died 31 March 1926; married 28 August 1899, at St. Joseph=s, Hancock, Michigan, to William E. Harmon, of Peoria, Illinois, who died in 1902.

Joseph Charles Misael Born 27 February 1868, died 25 July 1868 at St-Barthelimi,

 Jean Baptiste       

Born 4 June 1879, died 24 June 1879 at Franklin, Houghton County, Michigan

Joseph Anaclete    

Born Hancock, Michigan, died as an infant. 

Joseph Frederich Emery     )

Born and died 8 December 1882, probably in Hancock, Michigan.(Known as Frederick


Zacharie and Claire moved to Hancock, Michigan in 1869 and were pioneer residents of that community, and was a menuisier (carpenter-joiner).  He was naturalized in 1870.  They had 18 children.  Zacharie died in Hancock in 1905 age 72, (It has been reported to Jeanne Jacques by family members in the UP that Zacharie had become deaf in his later years and was killed by a train while walking along the railroad tracks in Hancock.  Claire died in 1910 of pneumonia at age 73. 




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