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Updated:  13 July 2001

Jacques Family

Fourth Generation in Canada  

Joseph Jacques (dit Duhaut)        Born 9 March 1750, at Lavaltrie, Québec; married 25 September 1775, at St-Cuthbert, Québec to Marie Exupere Remillard, born 18 May 1756, died before November 1809.  (Marie Exupere Remillard was a descendant of Guillaume Remillard of Chateau Joinsard, diocese of Limoges, France.)  Record of this marriage is part of this album.

 Children of Joseph Jacques and Marie Exupere Remillard:

 Anonyme          Died at birth (unnamed)

 Augustin          Married 27 November 1809 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, to M-Charlotte McKay

 Joseph         Born 1777 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, died 8 October 1853;
   1st marriage 6 July 1801 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, to Marie-Victoire Baret (Barette),
                died before January 1818;

   2nd Marriage 26 January 1818 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, to Marie-Anne
              Turcot (Turcotte).  Records of these two marriages are part of this album .

 Antoine-Marie    Born 1780 at St-Cuthbert, Québec; married M-Marguerite Allard  

Pierre (Duhaut)   Born 13 July 1781 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, died 26 July 1857;
1st marriage 16 June 1806 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, to Angéline Baret (Barette), died before January 1815.

2nd marriage 30 January 1815 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, to Théotiste (M-Théotiste) Paquet

(Pierre was witness at his brother=s marriage in 1818 to Marie-Anne Turcot, as shown by certificate of marriage.)

  Jean-Baptiste     Born 1783 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, died 1783

 Marie-Claire     Born 15 March 1786 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, died 27 September 1843; married 11
                January 1803 at St-Cuthbert, Comte Berthier, Québec, to Joseph Savoie

 Laurent        Born 1787 at St-Cuthbert, Québec; died 1787, probably at St-Cuthbert, Québec

Alexis           Twins born about 17 April 1788 at St-Cuthbert, Québec; Alexis died 11 July 1788 at

Marie-Reine      St-Cuthbert, Québec, and Marie-Reine died 17 July 1788 at St-Cuthbert, Québec

Marie-Marguerite Born 1789 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, died as an infant

Marie-Charlotte   Born 1790 at St-Cuthbert, Québec; married 31 July 1815 at St-Cuthbert, Québec,
                to Simon-Pierre Tessier; 2nd marriage to Timothée Nevue.

Marie-Antoinette  Born 1791 at St-Cuthbert, Québec; married 28 October 1811 at St-Cuthbert,
               Québec, to Jean-Baptiste Charron-Ducharme

Geneviève        Born 17 September 1792; married 25 November 1811 at St-Cuthbert, Quèbec,
               to Pierre Plante

Marie-Louise    Born 1793 at St-Cuthbert, Québec

Louis           Born 1794 at St-Cuthbert, Québec



Thomas-Hyacinthe  Died as infant


Brigitte         Married 10 June 1802 at St-Cuthbert, Comte Berthier, Québec, to Joseph Coutu

The reader will note that for the first time the name of ADuhaut@ is found in our family record.  It was used by our great-grandfather.  The Dictionnaire of L=Abbe Tanguay says that this was a variation only, and it was probably used to distinguish his family from that of his brothers Antoine and Jean Baptiste Jacques, who also raised large families in the parish of St. Cuthbert. 


There is no real warrant for the use of this name.  It was not used by his brothers, nor by any of his ancestors.  It is now only a tradition in our family and is never used.  The Dictionnaire of L=Abbe Tanguay and our own investigations show with indisputable documentary evidence, that the name of ADuhaut@ has no place in our family and that our only real name is Jacques.  (Written by Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr., Marquette, Michigan 1919). 



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