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Updated:  14 July 2001

Third Generation 


Louis Born at Charlesbourg, Québec, 8 February 1694; married 20 November 1719 at St-Charles de Charlesbourg, Québec to Marguerite Seguin (Sigouin.) (Marguerite Seguin was the granddaughter of Jacques Seguin (Sigouin) of Laferté-Maoé, diocese of Sées in Normandie, France.)

Children of Louis Jacques and Marguerite Seguin:

Louis Born 8 January 1721 at Charlesbourg, Québec, died December 1779; married 7 January 1761 at St-Charles de Charlesbourg, Québec, to Marie-Angélique Bergevin-Brechevin, born 10 October 1722.

Joseph Born 7 September 1722 at Charlesbourg, Québec
1st marriage 14 October 1748 at Lavaltrie, Québec, to Marie-Josèphe Groinier–Rabot (1725 - 28 January 1777);

2nd marriage 6 October 1777 at St-Cuthbert, Québec, to Geneviève Brapeau (Drapeaux, Drapo) (1725-25 March 1785);

3rd marriage 2 October 1786 at La Visitation-de-L’Ile-Dupas to M-Ursule Bedard (Berard).

Nicholas Born 20 March 1724 at Charlesbourg, Québec; married 18 April 1746 at Notre-Dame-de- Québec to Louise-Helene Lanceleur

Martin-Ignace Born 8 January 1726; died unknown

Pierre Born 4 November 1727 at Charlesbourg, Québec; died 21 June 1733 probably at Charlesbourg, Québec

Jean-Baptiste Born 23 September 1729 at Charlesbourg, Québec, died 21 July 1763; married 2 October 1754 at Lauzon, near Levis, Québec, to Marie Catherine Huar (Huard)

Marie-Marguerite Born 24 June 1732 at Charlesbourg, Québec; married 9 June 1760 at Charlesbourg, Québec, to Germain Bargevin-Brechevin (Bergevin-Langevin), born 5 January 1719 - died 9 June 1760

Pierre-Noel Born 30 January 1735 at Charlesbourg, Québec; died 10 March 1735, probably at Charlesbourg, Québec

Pierre-Ange Born 2 October 1736 at Charlesbourg, Québec, date of death unknown; married 3 May 1762 at St-Joachin, Montmagny, Québec to Marie Anne Filion (per Arthur Francis Jacques, Sr.), or to Marie-Catherine Filion-Quiron (per Jeanne Jacques).


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