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Updated:  12 August 2001


First Generation in Canada

Louis Jacques, born at St-Michel d’Amiens, Somme, Province of Picardie, France, 23 April 1664 and baptized 24 April 1664.  Louis Jacques was married on 17 May 1688 at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Québec, to Antoinette Le ROUX (born 27 July 1669, at Beauport, Québec), who was a daughter of François Le ROUX dit CARDINAL and Marie RENAUD. Louis Jacques died 22 February 1735, at the age of seventy-one. Antoinette died at Charlesbourg 17 April 1739, at the age of seventy.

Photocopy of original record of marriage of
Louis Jacques
& Antoinette Le Roux
in French

Abstract of marriage record of
Louis Jacques
& Antoinette Le Roux
in French
My thanks to Bob Jacques of Québec for both of these records

Louis was interred in the Chapel of the Congregation in Charlesbourg, as he was the premier member of this parish.  See the Letter from the La Société Historique De Charlesbourg on the burial of Louis Jacques

Children of Louis Jacques and Antoinette Le Roux:

Geneviève:   Born 11 April 1689 at Bourg-Royal,
            Québec; died 16 April 1689 at
            Charlesbourg, Québec

Nicholas:    Born 27 September 1691 at Bourg- Royal,

1st marriage 17 October 1712 at Charlesbourg,
     Québec, to Marie-Josèphe Bedard (daughter
     of Isaac Bedard and Isabelle Doucinet). They
     had 6 children;

2nd marriage 5 November 1719 at Charlesbourg, Québec, to Christine Allard (daughter of Andre Allard and Anne Le Marche). They had 9 children;

3rd marriage 15 July 1737 at Charlesbourg, Québec, to Josèphe Tessier.

Louis:  Born 8 February 1694 at Bourg-Royal,    Québec; married 20 November 1719 at St-Charles de Charlesbourg, Québec, to Marguerite Seguin (Sigouin).  This is our ancestor, click here to go directly to his page.

Pierre: Born 10 March 1697 at Bourg-Royal, Québec, died 23 July 1774; married 12 February 1720 at Charlesbourg, Québec, to Marie-Ambroise Chalifour (1699 - 26 January 1772). daughter of Pierre Chalifour and Anne Mignier.
Click here for more information on Pierre
Charles: B
orn 15 April 1700 at Bourg-Royal, Québec; died: 17 January 1703 at Charlesbourg, Québec

Marie-Catherine:  Born 30 April 1703 at Bourg-  Royal, Québec, died 2 December 1736 at Ste-Geneviève de Batiscan, Québec; married 20 April 1722 at Charlesbourg. Québec, to Martin Lefebvre

Anne-Madeleine : 
Born 24 April 1706 at Bourg-Royal, Québec, died 1 June 1789 at St-Cuthbert, Québec; married 20 April 1722 at Charlesbourg, Québec, to Louis Gilbert. They had 4 children.

Marie-Madeleine: Born 9 Nov 1708 at Bourg-Royal, Québec, married 20 Feb 1730 at Charlesbourg, Québec to Joseph LeComte de la Vimaudiere, born 21 May 1707.

Thomas:  Born 29 June 1711 at Bourg-Royal, Québec; died 15 September 1714 at Charlesbourg, Québec

Thérèse: Born 4 March 1714 at Bourg-Royal, Québec; died 12 September 1714 at Charlesbourg, Québec

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