Peck Family

The Peck family is an English family of great antiquity. The name comes from the medieval English work pek. The ?the hul of the pek? meaning the hill of the peak in Derbyshire. The family is first known in Hesden and Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. Later they move to Beccles, Suffolk Co, England, where some of the family was still living in the 16th century. The first records of the family in London are for John Del Pek in 1273 AD.

There are approximately 22 generations of Pek/Peak/Peck in the records in England separating John Del Pek and those who traveled to the New World.

William Peck
Jeremiah Peck
Samuel Peck
Theophilius Peck, Sr
Theophilius Peck, Jr
Rebecca Peck

William Peck
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