Lane Family

There is no good indication where the family name Lane originated. The word comes from the Old Gaelic, llane meaning a plain, barren, sandy, level land. There is also the Lane which means a narrow way between hedges, a narrow street or an alley.

It is possible that the name Lane was given to people who lived on the barren sand land, or near a narrow street or alley. There seem to be enough different Lane Families to support this theory. They are found in many parts of England and also in Ireland.

My aim is to give a short history of one branch of one Lane family who came to the "Colonies".

So it goes, In the beginning, a man named William Lane.....

William Lane
Samuel Lane 1
Mary Lane
Samuel Lane 2
Samuel Lane 3
Gad Lane
Comfort Lane
Alanson Lane
Phoebe Lane

William Lane
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