Doutt Family

No one actually knows for sure where the name Daut/Doutt comes from. The family shows up in church records in Lehigh County, PA about 1775, and is found scattered through the state for the next 200 years. While many have moved out of the area, the main concentration of the Doutt family remains in the Pennsylvania area.

There are of course the family legends that must be recounted, but please do not take any of this too seriously as that is all it is, legends and stories.

The Doutt family was French and they left France for Holland late in the 17th century as they were Huguenots and were subjected to persecution under Louis XIV.

There was a rumor that they came from England and at one time they had a farm near the "point" which is in the midst of downtown Pittsburgh, PA

The family origionally came from Holland and the city hall in Amsterdam was built on property which was under a 99 year lease from the Doutt family.

John Daut/Doutt

John Daut/Doutt

Absalom Solomon Doutt

Ephriam Theodore Doutt

William Edmond Doutt

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