Blais Family

In France the family name Blais has many variations. Among them are Ble, Blay, Bled, Belet and Blet. Blais is the most popular form of the original Blaise, a physician who lived at Sebastia in Armenia, became a Bishop and was martyred in the year 316.

Pierre Blet/Blais is the original ancestor who left France in 1664 on the Dutch ship NOIR headed for the Ile d'Orleans in the Saint Lawrence River.

Pierre was the son of Mathurin Blais and Francoise Penigaut. He married Anne Perrot in 1669 and had 10 children. He married second, Elizabeth Royer in 1689 and they had 5 children.

We do not know for certain that our Blais line ties into this line, but we will for now claim the connection.

John Blais

Evelina Blais

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